Boston University Link Day 2013 Application

Link Day is a one-day consulting event that matches Boston non-profit organizations with teams of Boston University MBA students, faculty, and alumni to solve a specific problem facing the organization. Students practice newly-honed business skills and gain exposure to issues facing the non-profit sector. Organizations participating in the event receive creative, practical, and strategic recommendations for implementation. This year's Link Day will be held on Saturday, February 9, 2013 at the Boston University School of Management. Successful Projects: Given the nature of the event, the most successful projects have had: 1. A specific, clearly-articulated deliverable, 2. A manageable scope, i.e., the project can be accomplished in one day, and 3. Key organizational representatives committed to the project. Expectations: To ensure the most effective Link Day for your organization, one to two designated representatives should confirm their availability to attend the full day of consulting in February. We request that organizations host a site visit prior to Link Day, which allows MBA students to tour the facility and gain a better understanding of the organization. Participating organizations will be asked to submit a brief progress report after the event to assess the impact of the consulting experience. Please complete this application by Friday December 14, 2012. You will receive a response from the Link Day committee no later than Thursday January 3, 2013. Feel free to contact Steven Eliaerts, Nonprofit Recruitment Chair, at if you have any questions.
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Section I: Organization & Contact Information