NBHS Vocational Course Survey

On a scale of 1 to 4 rate (1= of less importance and 4 = of greatest importance) the following Career and Technical Education courses:
    Arctic Survival
    Automotive Maintenance
    College and Career Trips
    Business Entrepreneurship
    Careers in Education
    Careers in the Military
    Certified Nurses Aide (CNA)
    Culinary Arts
    Driver's Education
    Emergency Trauma Technician
    Facility Maintenance
    Field Biology
    Food Service
    Heavy Equipment
    Intro to Health Fields
    Native Art/Business
    Native Arts/Marketing
    Construction (NCCER)
    Small Business Grant Writing
    Small Engine Repair
    STEM Enrichment Camp
    Health Aide Intro
    Workplace Professionalism
    Renewable Energy
    Video Technology
    Welding (SMAW - Stick)
    Welding (Oxy Fuel gas welding)
    Welding (GMAW - Wire Feed)
    Snowmachine/ATV Repair
    Outdoor Leadership/Guiding
    Jr. High Career Exploration
    Freshman Transitions Camp
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