BSC Scholarship Application for Fall 2017-Spring 2018
Applications are due May 31, 2017. All applications will be processed and considered after May 31, 2017. The BSC will notify applicants of results before the July 2017 deadline for cancelling Fall 2017 contracts without penalty.

The scholarship is in the form of rent credit. Your scholarship will be 1/6 of your rent each semester. You must be living in the BSC and a full-time student in order to receive the scholarship (if you move out for Spring 2018, you will not receive the second half of the scholarship.)

Example: If rent for a room and board house is normally $3,384/semester, the rent will be $2,820/semester for a scholarship recipient.

You do NOT need to be a current BSC member to apply for a BSC scholarship. New BSC applicants are encouraged to apply!

The estimated time required to complete this form is 10 minutes. You cannot save an incomplete application; you must complete it all at once. IF YOU MADE A MISTAKE IN YOUR APPLICATION, just start a new application and we will disregard the application with the older time stamp.

UC BERKELEY STUDENTS: We will use your student ID to obtain your financial information from UC Berkeley. You do not need to submit other documents.

NON-UC BERKELEY STUDENTS: You will need to provide (1) current unofficial transcript, unless you are an incoming freshman and (2) financial aid information. Upload in this DROPBOX folder:

*Questions? Contact Madeleine Loh at*
*Please review your application before you submit the form.*

By beginning this application, I certify that the information in this application is accurate and truthful to the best of my knowledge. I release this information to the Berkeley Student Cooperative and its staff and volunteers for the purpose of evaluating my scholarship application. I understand that the information given may be investigated and that any false representation is sufficient cause for rejection of this application, or if awarded scholarship benefits, that I am liable for the return of all awarded funds. I also give permission to the UC Berkeley Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Graduate Admissions Office, and the Financial Aid Office, or the equivalent offices at my school of enrollment, to release any and all information included in my scholarship application to the Berkeley Student Cooperative, provided that such information is used for the purpose of evaluating my scholarship application.
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Student ID Number
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Do you currently live in a BSC unit?
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What school will you be attending in Fall 2017?
Will you be a full-time student in Fall 2017?
Will you be a full-time student in Spring 2018?
What will be your student status in Fall 2017?
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Did you file a FAFSA or California Dream Act Application?
If you did not file a FAFSA or California Dream Act Application, please explain why.
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Special Situations
If your actual financial situation today is different from what you reported on your FAFSA, please explain. EXAMPLES: you received an inheritance; your parents are not able to contribute the "Parents Share" because of job loss. Be specific as possible. 100 words maximum.
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How many times have you received a BSC scholarship before?
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Optional Questions
Answer these optional questions to apply for scholarships with additional criteria.
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What is your gender identification?
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Current GPA and Major
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Please describe your work and extracurricular activities.
You are not required to answer this question. List your jobs, BSC positions, leadership roles, club activities, and other activities not listed on your transcript. For each item, (a) describe the activity/position (b) state the time commitment and (c) provide salary, if any. BSC involvement includes hired, elected, central level, and house positions. Include *past and present* BSC involvement.
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