Brown University 250th Anniversary: Constituent Grant Application Form

The 250th Steering Committee has chosen “Imagine Brown 250+” as the anniversary theme and solicits proposals for academic forums, events, performances and exhibitions, physical or virtual, from departments, programs and centers that will both celebrate Brown’s past and its history, and showcase its present and future contributions to the production of knowledge. We encourage proposals that feature speakers, researchers, writers, artists and performers with Brown ties, and that reflect on Brown’s past, its present, and on its future in shaping the 21st century. Both substantive academic programs and events fostering public engagement are encouraged. We welcome proposals that represent a broad spectrum of ideas. This grant pool is available to all constituent groups - students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The grant application is designed to capture the purpose of the event, budget, other sources of funds available for the event, logistics, and contacts. The grant review committee will review applications on a rolling basis, with the first grant deadline of May 1, 2013, for events in calendar year 2014. For questions regarding the grant application, please contact


Please tell us about yourself and the proposal.

PART A: Application submission information

This section serves as your application and event "at-a-glance." More detail is solicited in later parts of the application.

PART B. Program / event information

This portion of the applications offers a chance to describe in more detail the specifics and logistics of the event.


Primary applicant / person to contact if additional information is needed to process application. PLEASE NOTE: all correspondence regarding this grant will be sent to the primary applicant only.


Please include your comprehensive and detailed projected costs in this section. Be as detailed as possible.

Thank you!

Thank you for submitting an application. We appreciate your interest in being part of Brown's 250th anniversary. The 250th office will contact you with any questions.

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