Registration: Crafting a MOVING Museum Experience, 4/5/12

Museums of the 21st century are vital, stimulating, visitor oriented places of learning. Museum Movement Techniques engages visitors intellectually, physically and emotionally in the process of making meaning for museum objects. Attendees will develop understanding of supportive theories, experience techniques, learn movement management skills, realize educational linking and understand assessment methods. Most importantly, participants will leave workshop with the knowledge to initiate techniques to meet their educational and programming objectives. Gallery tour (at the RISD Museum) led by Ms. Kruger Weisberg allows individuals to experience the collections in an interdisciplinary context. Visual and movement thinking strategies enable individuals to create personal meaning for museum objects. The final layering of curatorial knowledge cements the encounter as a meaningful learning experience. This workshop will take place primarilly at the John Nicholas Brown Center, 357 Benefit Street, Providence RI, and partially at the RISD Museum, (224 Benefit Street, Providence RI), for a guided tour during the afternoon. The fee for this workshop is $20 and included breakfast and lunch.
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