Support for Minorities in STEM at Brown University

about 1 out of 4 minorities who start a degree in physical sciences will complete it at Brown ...

We are a group of students who organized a GISP on Race and Gender in the Scientific Community. We are working closely with University Administrators on institutional solutions, and would like to give students the chance to support our efforts. Many university programs only support survival mechanisms, which are necessary but temporary for addressing underrepresentation in STEM. Below are transformative strategies we would like the University to prioritize and implement, focusing on the University’s goal to support underrepresented minorities in STEM. This is what we came up with as a result of our study--we would love to hear your input on what other strategies are necessary to create meaningful change. More information on our GISP can be found at

If you support the strategies listed below, please sign this form.

1) Begin an Office of Institutional Diversity official project on Race and Gender in STEM striving to address the complicated effects of race and gender on student experience.

2) Make the course on Race and Gender in the Scientific Community a permanent offering, and consider making it a requirement for STEM concentrators in the future.

3) Investigate and implement strategies and solutions that address and incorporate existing research on the experience of being an underrepresented minority, focusing on teaching styles and assessment methods. Hire a learning specialist available to work with students, the Science Center, and STEM departments on plans to transform STEM courses with explicit attention on how race and gender functions in the science classroom.

4) Make administrative support more visible to students, and create a medium for students to express concerns and experiences to faculty and administrators who have the power to implement changes.

5) Form collaborations between Brown Center for Students of Color (BCSC) and administrators who work on these issues. We suggest that BCSC designate a person to provide input on minority concerns in STEM.

*Full list and explanations of requests can be found at

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