Midrealm Gold Key New Member Survey

The Middle Kingdom Office of the Chatelaine assists newcomers in their efforts to find a place within the Society for Creative Anachronism. Officers who aid newcomers are often in charge of a group’s Gold Key (garb loaned to new people for use at their first few events.) Currently the Middle Kingdom Chatelaine Office has initiated a Gold Key Project whereby we hope to re-evaluate how we can best help new individuals feel comfortable and welcomed at events and enable newcomers to enjoy all the Society has to offer. We would like to get some unofficial opinions from newer members on how they think Gold Key can best assist new and potential members. We are asking any person living in the Middle Kingdom who has been playing less than 5 years, to please complete the following survey. Reponses are requested from members whether you are a paid member or not. Your opinions and answers will greatly assist us in helping future new members. -- Baroness Verena Entenwirth, Chatelaine Deputy of Special Projects.