BFS Global Youth Service Day - Workshop Descriptions

The following 14 student-led workshops will be held from 9:30am-10:45am on Friday, April 11th to raise awareness and inspire action for Global Youth Service Day. Titles and descriptions are included below:

1) The Criminal (In)Justice System
Sierra and Abrielle
In this workshop students will discuss the short term and long term effects of the design of the American criminal (in)justice system. Topics that will be highlighted are recidivism (people going back into the prison system) and the possible causes of it. We will also discuss how factors like race, sex, class status, education, etc, can effect one's ability to transition successfully back into society. We will also discuss the image of the prison system in society's eyes. Through the use of group discussions and other activities, we hope to build a better sense of what the prison system was designed to do.

2a) Don't Hydrofrack Me!
Malik W
In this workshop, we will focus on the effects of Hydraulic Fracturing on the environment today. As a new method of drilling for oil, many see it as being less harmful, but what are the secrets that gas companies don't want us to know? We will discuss what are the truths of Hydraulic Fracturing and what can we do to help the environment which we live in.
guest speaker: Bob Houghton, oceanographer

2b) Ocean Pollution
Henry K, Grace, Nicola, Sofia
This workshop will focus on the environment, specifically pertaining to the ocean and other sources of water. We will also discuss the impact our urban community has on the bodies of water around us.
guest speaker: Andy Simons, Gowanus Canal Conservancy

3) Mindfulness: An Experiential Workshop
This workshop is needed because stress which leads to further issues, such as eating disorders, depression, and substance abuse, is so ingrained into our society. Mindfulness is a tool that is necessary to coping with and recognizing the reasons behind stress. This workshop is intended to focus mainly on eating disorders and the triggers, or stress factors, that lead to their development, but is meant to be experiential instead of purely educational.
guest speaker: Adrienne Glasser

4) Fear of Frisk
Naya, Maya, Tyler V, David
In this workshop students will undergo a short know your rights program in order to prevent themselves from disastrous results when in a stop and frisk situation. They will also hear from one or two speakers who will provide their own rich perspective on the issue of stop and frisk. Students will also watch a five to ten minute video on stop and frisk to further inform them. This workshop will hopefully inspire students and other attendees alike to engage themselves in the issue of stop and frisk and have a positive impact on the overall problem.
guest speakers: Jenn Borchetta, lawyer & Steve Kohut, Justice Committee

5) HIV/AIDS Awareness
Ashley, Tatyana, Sam B, Omar
This workshop will discuss the causes and effects of HIV/AIDS among teenagers. This involves the life-changing decisions that come along with it. Our group’s mission is to bring awareness around this topic on how to protect, cope, and help teenagers further prevent the disease from spreading.
guest speaker: Tiffanie Patterson, H.E.A.T.

6) Justice for the Juveniles
Patonya, Caroline, Liza, Anna L
This workshop will inform students about the sentencing and the root causes of the juvenile justice system. This workshop will include a spoken word poet, a music video, and a documentary made by BFS students. This workshop is needed because the topic of the juvenile justice system is often overlooked and doing this workshop can inspire action around this issue.

7) Media Madness!
Cecilia, Olive, Ruby, Sarah G, Anna F
The media is an entity that oppresses and stereotypes many people, especially young women. When they are faced with all the expectations they have to fulfill, women often don’t realize, or they forget, how individually important they are. Join us in fighting the oppression by bringing awareness to the things that are oppressing us: the internet, magazines and other forms of media. We will be learning through watching videos and doing hands on activities as well as having a speaker, to help us raise awareness, do service around the school and in our communities, and become more empowered.

8a) Facts & Fiction of our Forests
Sam M
This workshop is needed because it will provide critical information about what we, as students, can do to preserve our country's natural habitats. It will provide various methods of action that, through enough persistence, could increase the chances of political awareness of encroaching issues of environmental and ecosystem changes. Also, it will assist in identifying the differences between the facts and fictions of global and local climate change, our future, and current efforts.

8b) Composting and the Food System
Olivia, Cal, Maret, Lotte
This workshop is needed because it addresses the issue that so much of the food we eat is not grown or produced in an environmentally sustainable, or healthy way. Food is produced on factory farms, where tons of natural resources are wasted, and carbon emissions are high. This food is then shipped halfway across the country, to be sold in chain grocery stores. This system is extremely flawed, and deals with health and environmental issues. This workshop will spread awareness about the flaws with how our food is produced. This workshop will also help to make the members of our community more conscious about the amount of waste we produce, and how we can reduce it.
guest speaker: Kate Wimsatt, GrowNYC

9a) The Experiment
Tyler C, Adam G
Participants will be able to see how factors you do not have any control over can affect your life drastically. These factors can also pose an obstacle in your daily life and interactions.

9b) Looking Into America's Resegregated Education System
In this workshop, students will learn about our education system and the endless inequalities within it. Students will get a look at the divide of our system and the education gap of students based on race and class. This workshop will help students be more involved in our system and be more aware about how it's organized.

10a) Women in the Workplace
Eve, Bronwyn
A Look at Sexism in a Professional Environment: This workshop will take the quest and study of feminism at BFS one step further. Many young people may not think about how misogyny impacts every woman at some point, and some girls may not associate themselves with a professional environment. This workshop will offer a way for young women to learn new information and a new perspective.
guest speakers: Peg Tyre, Rosalind Fink, Saundra Thomas, Jade Roth

10b) Dress for Success Image Presentation
The way that you look and the way that you act determines what people think about you. Come learn about the important work of Dress for Success and how to be involved!
guest speakers: Jennifer Iino & Shari Garfinkel, Dress for Success

11a) Prison Labor
Charlie H, Sam H
The workshop will focus on the exploitation of prisoners. We will discuss the impact of prison labor on our everyday lives. We will also look at the harsh conditions that people who are forced to participate in prison labor have to endure. The goal of the workshop is to raise awareness and inspire people to take action against the issue.
guest speakers from Defy Ventures

11b) Solitaire in Solitary
Bakari, Quran
Our workshop is about the issues of Solitary Confinement inside the USA and its unjust circumstances. The reason we chose this topic was because the prison system has flaws that are often overlooked. We wanted to speak out for the voices, behind bars, that can't be heard. In this workshop we will describe the problems with Solitary Confinement and we'll also include a group activity and excerpts from letters we received from prisoners who are currently in solitary confinement.
guest speaker: Stuart Naifeh

12. Urban Animal Defense
Colin, Kamal, Jacob SO
There are many cases of animal cruelty going unpunished and unseen. We want people to be aware of what happens to animals every day and we want to show that neglect, animal abuse, animal hoarding, and abandonment is a serious problem in cities across the country. We want to make an impact on how people treat their pets and other animals.
guests: Chris Parrussi, HEART & Joel Bhuiyan, NYCLASS

13. LGBTQ: Criminal Justice
Jade, Xiana, Arde
This interactive workshop will explore the injustices towards the LGBTQ community, mainly focusing on the prison system. We will explore the forms of injustice towards this community through spoken word, media, and guests speakers who work towards creating an equal and safe world for the LGBTQ community. We will also learn about organizations that work towards giving power to the LGBTQ community and what should be done when faced with the police and violence.
guests: Janani B - Queer Detainee Empowerment Project, Cara P - Audre Lorde Project, Zaira J, Brandon M, Kristina G - Urban Word

14a) Foster Our Future
Bella, Henry J, Allie, Noah, Meledi
Our goal is to educate upper school students on the way the foster care system works and some of its flaws. We will also address the importance of adopting teenagers and how their situation is different from other foster care children.
guest: Barry D

14b) Adoption
Noa, Julia C, Julia G
We will be addressing the cost of adoption in the US and around the world, speaking both from personal perspectives and referencing information about the prevalence of adoption in our society.

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