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Students, please complete this form with your parents. All information will be shared with the Guidance Department, Coaches, PE Staff and Administration.
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How does a student qualify for “Athletic Option”?
1. Maintain an acceptable record in Physical Education (no cuts, tardiness, etc.).

2. Maintain a grade of “B” or better in Physical Education for the four consecutive Quarters immediately prior to applying for Athletic Option.

3. The athlete must be on the “Official Varsity Team Roster”

4. Meet the full team requirements set by the Varsity coach for the entire season.

5. Complete this form in its entirety and submit it for review within one 6 day cycle, starting the first day of the marking quarter.

***If you quit at any point during the season, you must return to your Physical Education class immediately***
Will I receive a grade for “Athletic Option”?
1. If a student misses more than half of the marking period the student/athlete will receive a “P” for the Quarter grade.

2. If a student attends more than half of the marking period the student/athlete will receive a letter grade for that marking period which will be weighed for honor roll and high honor roll.
How do I retain eligibility for future “Athletic Option”?
1. Return to your regularly scheduled physical education class at the immediate conclusion of the Quarter.

2. Fill out a new Athletic Option Form for each season you are opting out.

***Failure to comply with the rules will effect future eligibility***
What is "Athletic Option"?
Athletic Option is for Varsity athletes in grades 11 & 12. This form allows the student athlete to opt out of their regularly scheduled Physical Education class for one Quarter. The purpose of “Option” is to allow the student/athletes time (120 minutes per cycle) to catch up or maintain a quality academic standard during their season.

Fall = Qtr. 1
Winter = Qtrs. 2 or 3 (choice)
Spring = 4th Qtr.

Athletic Option Max = 3 Quarters per year in 11th and 12th grade only.
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