POST-Survey for Dog Mushers & Other Community Members - Summer Camp 2017
Please fill out survey near the end of camp - THANK YOU!!!
How involved do you EXPECT to be in the dog mushing program through your school & community THIS school year? *
Not at all
Very involved
How interested are you in helping your local youth learn about and consider animal science or other health-related careers? *
Not at all
Very interested
How much do you know about the Veterinary Science & Alaska Culture courses offered at your local school? *
Never heard of them
Know a lot about them
How likely is it that you will encourage your local youth to enroll in one of those courses this school year? *
Not likely
Planning to enroll in 1 or more
How much do you think the dog mushing program and related activities will help your local youth want to be and stay in school? *
No difference
Helps a lot!
Rate camp activities: *
Didn't Like
Working with / Collaborating with Teachers and other Dog Mushers for developing culturally relevant instruction
Large Animal Research Station
Dog Mushing Museum
Vet Science & Health stuff in classrooms
Field Trip to the Kennels
Howard Luke's Camp activities
Career Explorations - multiple presenters
Canine Massage Therapist
Being with and learning alongside peers and youth
What was your MOST favorite thing you learned during camp? *
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Related to the A-CHILL program, what would you like more of or something new that we didn't think of? *
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Other Comments/Suggestions?
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