TEDxBrentwood 2017 - Speaker Application
TEDxBrentwood 2017 is taking place Saturday, Oct. 21st, 2017. This year's theme is DRIVE - provide the energy to set in motion

You’ve got a story to tell, you’re inspiring, incisive and ready to share and inspire! We’re looking for ideas, topics and stories and the speakers to present them.

Here's some info you should be aware of:

- TEDxTalks may have no strong political or religious views. Furthermore, selling from the stage is not tolerated.

- Your application and idea will remain confidential; Applications are reviewed solely by the Organizing Committee.

- All TEDxBrentwood speakers must sign a permission release form, giving TED and others the right to edit and distribute video of their presentation.

Thank you for your interest in applying for TEDxBrentwood.

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