50+ Chrome Extensions for Educators

Jake Duncan


Please feel free to click File > Make a Copy to make any edits you’d like, add new extensions, or remove any extensions that you do not feel are valuable, and please share with others. I’ve compiled this list by borrowing from other posts and lists, so please do the same. I hope you find some here that are useful to you! Also, know that many of these perform the same or similar functions.

AdBlock Plus - Eliminates advertisements on the web.

AddThis - Easy way to share information across social networks.

Appjump  - App launcher is one place to see and organize all your chrome apps.

Autocopy - Automatically copies text or links when they are selected. Imagine how many times a day you click Control or Command + C. Now, you don’t have to!

Awesome Screen Shot - Capture a whole page or just a portion. It also includes tools for annotation.

Apture - A search extension that provides added information after a word or term is highlighted on a web page. Searches appear in a pop-up box, so you don’t lose your website reading the new information.

Bitly - A simple URL shortener. It can also provide click analytics as well as a custom URL.

Chrome to Phone - lets you seamlessly push links, maps, and selected text and phone numbers to you Android device. Thanks, Amy Mayer!

Chromecast - Share your Chrome browser or entire screen to your Chromecast.

ChromeIn Plus for LinkedIn - Brings LinkedIn and Chrome together.  Allows you to see updates and share information as well.

Checker Plus for Google Calendar - Quick and easy access to your Google Calendar.

Clea.nr - Removes YouTube add-ons and related videos from the screen, showing only the video and the search bar. Great for removing questionable ads and related videos that pop up.

Colorblinding - This extension simulates a website as a color vision impaired person would see it.

Collusion - Behavioral tracking is big business, and Collusion allows you to see what websites are tracking you and allows you to optionally block the invisible websites that are doing so.  It is a powerful extension to show students that the internet is not private at all.

Docs Quickly -  Allows you to quickly create a new Google Document, Presentation, Spreadsheet or Drawing.

DriveConverter - Easy file converter for all of your files in Google Drive.

Dropbox - Provides easy access to your Dropbox account and files as well.

Diigo Web App - Places a button on your browser window and links to your Diigo account for easy bookmarking, web highlighting, and sharing.

edsavr - Save to Edmodo, EduClipper, and Sanderling at the same time.

Evernote Clearly - Have a student that is distracted by all of the ads on a website?  Install Evernote Clearly and eliminate all of the clutter on any given website, leaving just the content. This is a great extension!

Evernote Web Clipper - Lets you send any link or site to Evernote.

Extensions Manager (aka Switcher) - Very simple way to get to your extensions and apps and manage them.

Extensity - Quickly enable/disable Chrome extensions

Eyedropper - This extension allows you to select any color from a webpage.

Facebook for Chrome - Brings Facebook and Chrome together.  Allows you to see updates as well as do some updating yourself. Note: I haven’t been on Facebook in a few years, but I bet this will come in handy for those that are.

Ginger - A nice add on for your Gmail. This extension corrects your spelling and grammar.

goo.gl URL Shortener - Shortens a URL and also provides the option to create a QR code and additional details.

Google Quick Scroll - Lets you jump to relevant parts of an article you search for. This is one of my favorite extensions ever.

Google Translate - Translate entire web pages with one click!

Google Voice - Allows you to keep up with Google Voice from your computer. You can even send text messages back and forth.


Gradebook Split - Alice Keeler’s extension to open your gradebook in a new tab on the right side of the split screen and push all other open tabs to the left.

Handy Google Shortcuts - Creates an icon that allows the user to quickly access all things Google.

IE Tab - IE Tab allows you to view web pages optimized for Internet Explorer while in Chrome.

Joliprint - Use the Joliprint extension to turn web pages into sharp looking PDF for printing, saving or reading later.

KeyRocket for Gmail - This one shows you the keyboard shortcuts that you could be using for Gmail as you perform any action.

Kindle Cloud Reader - Not really an "extension" but an app that allows you access to your Kindle Books from your web browser.

Language Immersion  - Switches words and phrases on any website into a foreign language so that you are immersed in the new language as you read. Click the word or phrase to translate it back. This is a great tool for those learning a foreign language!

LastPass - LastPass is a free online password manager and form filler that makes your web browsing easier and more secure.

One Tab - Whenever you have too many tabs, One Tab converts them all into a list saving “up to 95% of memory.”

QR Reader Beta - With this extension you can scan a QR code fast and directly from right click (context) menu of your browser.

Panic Button - Closes all open tabs in a Chrome window. Click the extension again to reopen them all.

piu-piu - Probably one of my favorite extensions, piu-piu lets you Chirp links to anyone using the Chirp iOS app and hopefully to anyone using Chrome or Safari in the not too distant future.  http://xququ.com may provide an alternative.

Printliminator - (not an extension) Use this bookmarklet to remove unnecessary or unwanted aspects of a web page before printing.

Pinterest - Pin from any website to your Pinterest boards.

Rapportive - Shows more information about how to connect with your email contacts via social media. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts can all be linked to Rapportive. Functions within your Gmail inbox.

Read&Write - This extension will highlight as it read aloud your Google Docs. It also provides a Dictionary, Picture Finder, Fact Finder, Translator, Highlighter, and Vocabulary tool. This is a great tool, but there is now a charge to use it.

Realtime Board Extension - Drag and drop files onto a Realtime board and and save screenshots to the library. Not very helpful unless you use Realtime Board. There is also a Chrome app.

Save as PDF - Lets you download web pages into PDF format.

Screenleap - Screenleap allows you to share your screen with anyone from Gmail.

Select and Speak - Another accessibility extension, Select and Speak will narrate any web text to students. They can highlight sections and have it read to them at various speeds. Good for ESL or ELL students practicing their English reading.

Send to Google Docs - You can take any webpage and turn it into PDF that you can send straight to Google Docs.

Snapify - Snapify enables contextual web browsing through image markers and word highlights. All you need to do is highlight a word or click an image marker and 'Snap It'.  Snapify will then open up its search box with results from mainstream search engines such as Google, Twitter, Wikipedia, Google News, and even Maps

Search by Image - Right click on an image to search Google for it.

SpeakIt! - Select text, and it will read it to you.

Swift Preview - Allows you to preview short links before opening them.

Tab Cloud - Absolutely one of my favorite extensions! Ever had a zillion tabs open that you would like to save? TabCloud allows you to save the tabs that you have open. Simply open all the tabs you want for your presentation/class, save them with TabCloud, and then when it comes time to present or for your class, open up TabCloud and click on the tabs you want to appear. They will all populate!

Tab Glue - This extension works with Tab Scissors (below) to reunite your two browser windows into one.

Tab Scissors - This simple extension lets you divide your Chrome browser window in two - great when you want to compare documents or websites side by side. Get Tab Glue (above) to put the two windows back together again.

tl;dr - Too Long; Didn’t Read summarizes articles on the web.

Countdown Timer or Timer App - Allows you to set timers easily. Countdown is an extension that is a simple timer, but Timer app lets you use any YouTube video as the alarm sound. Here’s one that you can try:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HbBqvg3t0s

Turn Off the Lights - You can dim the background when videos are playing.  Useful to eliminate inappropriate advertising in YouTube videos.  Shows up in address bar.

Videonot.es - Another one that’s not an extension, but it’s an awesome new Drive app. Take notes as you watch a video. The notes sync with the time of the video, and it fully integrates with Drive. You can check it out before getting the app at videonot.es.

Voice Comments (now Kaizena) - Simply highlight and speak - the Voice Comments app for Google Drive is the fastest way to give high quality feedback on a document. This is about to get even better!

WatchDoc - Notifies you when your Google Docs are modified. Really nice for teachers to see when students are making updates.

WOT - Safe search tool that automatically blocks unsafe or inappropriate sites.

WiseStamp  - Allows you to create a dynamic email signature in no time at all. It offers a paid feature, but the free service works nicely.

Yellow Highlighter - You can highlight webpages and share them through Twitter and Facebook for others to read. It also creates a unique URL to share your highlighted annotations with anyone.

YouTube Options for Google Chrome - YouTube options disables ads, annotations, and auto-play; changes resolution, display size, optional flash pre-buffering, looping/replay, SSL.

Here’s a nice categorized list from Make Use Of.

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I created this when working for Region 6 ESC and hosted webinars on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Join the folks there for their next webinar!

Some Silly Ones

1 Up Mario - changes your +1 button to a Super Mario Brothers mushroom and plays the 1 up sound (if you’d like) whenever you +1 something.

ClickStorm 2000 - This one makes you click links 50 times before you are directed to the link.

Hey Girl - turns all images on a site into pictures of Ryan Gosling. ;-)

EdTech Substitutions - Based on the popular xkcd substitutions extension, this replaces EdTech, education, and startup buzzwords with hilarious consequences.

nShrek - replaces all images on a web page to images of Shrek.

Tab Cola - plays the sound of a coke can being opened whenever you open a new tab in Chrome.

Tweet Fired - Replaces default typeover text in a new tweet window on Twitter client to “You are always one tweet away from being fired.”


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