The Business Executive Training baSIX™ Application

The BUSINESS EXECUTIVE TRAINING™ baSIX (BET) upgrades entrepreneurs – those who see 'the opportunity' – into harmonious business system builders: globally aware, locally focused executives who persistently build and consistently lead harmonious business organizations that make a difference.

Originally created by the Founder of RSC Business Group, Robert S. Chun, the BET System has been successfully applied for over 28 years in hundreds of companies in a full spectrum range of industries.

BRAIN TRAINING PRO™ upgraded the original design and integrated additional components for the purpose of massively boosting adaptability as we enter the imminent technological future of Artificial Intelligence.

Regardless of where you are in the game of being an entrepreneur, the BET deepens know-how of business systems and activates a Character-driven executive mindset based on a foundation of structure, integrity and order.

Please take your time with this application.

All answers are confidential.

Upon completing the application you will be contacted to further discuss your tuition and participation.

For further inquiries:
Phone: (844) MYBASIX (692-2749)

Based on the RSC Business Executive Training™. A registered trademark of RSC Business Group, Inc. Used with Permission.

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A Vision is what you see when all of your Missions are fulfilled.
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A Core Value is that which reveals what you consider to be most important when you make a decision to take action. For example, some people value 'Being Practical' while others value 'Creativity.' Neither is inherently good or bad. They both have distinct value for their respective user. Understanding your Core Values connects you with what your unique contribution is to others and the world. With your Core Values in hand you can build a business with a Higher Purpose and Make a Difference Through Business.
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Please share about the quality of the relationship between the partners and co-founders. Eg. Seamless, empowering, driven, has areas that need work, unclear, unstable etc.
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You may include what is working, what is not working, what you are working on, what you are not working on, what you avoid or resist working on
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