Student Survey Form 2016-17
Student Survey Questions
Who is your teacher?
1. The teacher in this class really cares about me. *
3. Everybody knows what they are expected to learn and do in this class. *
5. The comments that I get on my work in this class help me understand how to improve. *
2.The teacher checks to make sure we understand what he/she is teaching us. *
4. My classmates behave the way the teacher wants them to. *
6. The teacher tells us what we are learning and why we are learning it. *
7. Our class stays busy and doesn’t waste time. *
8. The teacher takes the time to summarize what we learn each day. *
9. The teacher has several good ways to explain each topic that we cover in this class. *
10. The teacher respects my ideas and suggestions. *
11. If I am stuck on something, I feel comfortable asking my teacher for help. *
12. I do high-quality work in school all year long? *
13. I do my best work. *
14. I take pride in my work. *
One way my teacher can improve is?
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