Educator/Provider Request for EPS Services - Region 6 - FY2017
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Please describe how EPS can support your program improvement plan this year (June 2016-July 2017)
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Your program number can be found on the upper left side of your EEC license, but is a separate number from your License Number
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If you are participating in QRIS, what level is your program? *
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What services are you and your staff interested in? *
Please select your top 3 areas of support that you will need this year (June 2016-July 2017).
Does your program have a Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) plan or a Program Improvement plan in place? *
The CQI plan was formerly called the Program Improvement Plan and serves as a guiding document for QRIS.
Has your program ever worked with a coach before?
If you answered yes above, please indicate who your coach is/was.
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What portion of children enrolled in your program are subsidized (voucher or contract) *
Please note any other information you think EPS staff may need to know
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