ReBook Program Partner Application
BookSpring receives generous donations of gently used books that we distribute throughout Central Texas to those in need. If you are a representative of a professional education, health, or social service organization that works with families and children, you are eligible to apply. Incorporate these books into your programs for distribution to your clients and beneficiaries today.

The ReBook Program operates on a first come, first serve basis and as our inventory of books allows. We will do our best to accommodate to your organization's needs but are unable to promise that they will be fulfilled with each order.

ReBook Partners:

1.) Organizations holding one-off events must notify BookSpring when they need books, ideally one month before the date of the event
2.) for monthly partners you must reach out each month to let us know that you'd like to renew your order
3.) All partners must make arrangements to pick up their books between Monday-Friday, 10 am to 4 pm.

In exchange for this service, please acknowledge BookSpring (@bookspringatx) as a contributor and/or partner with your organization on your website or social media. We particularly appreciate follows, likes, and mentions on social media, and you can request to include our logo or other program information through

Application must be complete prior to book pickups. Contact us as your gently used book needs arise (512) 472-1791 x 101.

Please do not return any books.

For any questions or comments regarding this form or the ReBook program, please contact

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Would you be willing to distribute materials about the importance of reading and reading aloud to your children and families?
BookSpring also offers fee-based programs that include research-based methods of improving motivation to read. Would you like to learn more about having motivational activities, such as volunteers reading aloud, creative supports, and reflective activities at your location(s)?
If you are not planning to distribute the books, but to use them as part of your ongoing programs, can you describe the ways that they will be used?
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Thank you so much for your time! We appreciate all you do for our community.
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