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PaGamO also provides you with content from Evan-Moor Educational Publishing. Mathematics, Geography, Science, and English for Elementary School are all starting at $7.99! Please fill in the Request Order below, and we will get to you soon. Feel free to contact us at info@pagamo.org if you have any question.

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[Daily Math Practice] Provide your elementary students with daily math practice exercises specifically developed to meet Common Core Standards! Focusing on critical Common Core proficiencies for each grade level these question banks give your students a thorough training in solving problems and cover an entire school year of Elementary level math.
[Language Fundamentals] This question contains several hundred skill-based activities for Elementary students to master Standard English and expand their vocabulary. Focusing on Common Core Language Standards these exercises encourage higher-level thinking and tie new rules to extensive practice. Tying the materials into a real-life context the question bank makes challenging materials easily accessible for your students.
[Science] The PaGamO Science question banks help your students get a thorough understanding of Standards-based scientific concepts and include a variety of different question formats and activities to create interactive that will help you teach earth, life, and physical science concepts successfully.
[Daily Geography Practice] PaGamO’s Geography question banks allow students to quickly apprehend new Geography terms and improve their skills through hands-on exercises. Each lesson offers a variety of activities and illustrations that engages students on a daily basis and allow for thorough review of each topic.
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