The "Official" Bon Bon Bon Application Form!
The Babes Babes Babes are a special bunch of folks! We are strong, diverse, crazy, hard working, creative and strange. We work here because we work for each other, because we work for our customers, because we believe that good people deserve good chocolate, and they do! But making sincerely good chocolate is a commitment that takes a level of effort that goes beyond a 9-5, it's a way of life!

Below is an application to begin training with our company. Training is universal here, everyone has to do it, and lasts for 3 months. The rate for training pay is $10.00/Hr. You will be trained in the basics of all aspects of our company to start. After three months and the completion of your self-guided training curriculum, we will meet to determine the best fit for you, we hope with our company, and your official offer will be made, your business cards printed, and your name tag for your coveralls will be ordered! You will officially be a Babe Babe Babe!

We do not hire often as most employees who are hired in stay for many years and many of our original employees are still employed here! But, we are always collecting information from interested applicants and we look forward to hearing about you so that if the stars align, or we continue to grow (which we hope we do) we can reach out quickly!

Please fill out the application in its entirety! Thank you for your interest!!

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