Boise State Adjunct Faculty Learning Community
The CTL is happy to offer the opportunity for Adjunct Faculty to join the Adjunct Faculty Learning Community (AFLC), which is designed to address pedagogical questions that Adjunct Faculty may have and to help them build a community of fellow educators. The AFLC will also provide opportunities for Adjunct Faculty to reflect on what they have learned about teaching.

The members of the Adjunct Faculty Learning Community will be expected to do the following:
1. Attend four cohort meetings. These meetings will be held once a month in during the semester long program. Specific dates and times will be set based on the availability of cohort participants. These sessions will provide the opportunity for participants to share what they have learned through the activities of the AFLC. Participants should expect to attend these hands-on learning sessions (each approximately 1.25 hours) in the CTL (ILC 315) or online using Google Meeting.

2. Attend at least two CTL workshops during the Spring 2019 Semester (online or face-to-face). A schedule for workshops can be found at

3. Have a Mid-semester Assessment (MAP) conducted for a course they teach. For more information on MAP’s:

4. Submit a short reflection on a new teaching technique they tried during the AFLC (using Google Forms).

5. Respond to a survey at the end of the AFLC to assess satisfaction with and perceived value of the experience.

Adjunct Faculty who complete the above expectations by the end of the program will receive a $200 stipend.

Questions can be directed to Teresa Focarile ( at the Center for Teaching and Learning.

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