IR Data Request
The Office of Institutional Research provides this form for handling and tracking data requests. Our office strives to provide you with the information that you request in a timely manner. For this reason, it is very important that requests are made as far in advance as possible.

NOTE: We are unable to fulfill data requests for class projects or individual study; however, we encourage you to explore our website for a wide range of data and reports that are available.

Name of Requester
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Department or College
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Project Title
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Desired deadline for receipt of data
Is this request for academic department data?
Is this a request for a sample of students, faculty, or staff to recruit for participation in a survey or other study?
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Will your use of the data include external uses such as research studies, presentations, publications, and/or grants?
If 'Yes', have you received IRB approval?
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Have we completed the same or similar request for you/your office before?
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