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Thank-you for taking the time to fill out our questionnaire about e-safety for children from a parents' perspective. This should take no longer than 15 minutes and all responses will be anonymous. Data will be shared in edition 1 of the innovatED magazine on an aggregated basis and additional comments may be used but again will be completely anonymous. If you have more than one child of differing ages, please would you fill out separate questionnaires for each age group over the age of 7 up to 18.
How old is your child? *
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Do they have access to the internet? *
If the answer to the above is yes, is this *
What device do they access the internet on? *
Does your child know about privacy & security settings on these devices? *
What do they use the internet for? *
Have you discussed 'internet rules' with them? *
During the week, how long does your child spend on the Internet (in hours) each day? *
During the weekend, how long does your child spend on the Internet each day? *
As a parent how concerned are you about e-safety? *
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How confident are you in talking to your children about the internet, how to use it responsibly, what dangers there are that face children by using the internet? *
Not at all confident
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The following is a small list of e-safety risks. Please you tick the boxes that would you be able to explain clearly what they are to your child. *
How do you protect your children when using the internet? *
If you use monitoring or filtering software on your children's devices, which one(s) do you use? *
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Do you think these measures are enough/suitable? *
Do you know the difference between the social media channels? *
Do you know if your child is on and actively engages in any of the social media channels? *
Do you know the specific lower age restrictions set by each social media channel? *
If your child has a concern about anything online, does he/she know how to report it? *
If you have a concern about anything online, do you know how to report it? *
Do you feel you get enough support from your school in the practicalities of e-safety? *
Please explain your answer above *
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What additional support or resources would you like to be given from your school in this area? *
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Please write any additional comments about your worries, concerns and perceptions around e-safety/keeping children safe on the internet.
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Thank you again for your time.
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