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Take Cisco Networking Academy Courses with BLUE1647
BLUE1647 is proud to be an academy location of Cisco Networking Academy. Explore new subjects within the perspective of a networking career, or take advanced courses to further your IT career with new certifications. With even a course in which students can learn basic computer skills, we truly offer classes for everyone, regardless of your age or experience. You can complete your classes online at your own pace, from wherever is most convenient for you.

Read the following course descriptions to find the perfect courses for you. Then, fill out the form on the next page to sign up for one or more classes.

Introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT)
The Introduction to IoT course provides an overview of key concepts and challenges related to digital transformation. The course examines the evolution of the Internet and how the interconnection of people, processes, data, and things is transforming every industry. Note: Introduction to IoT replaces the Introduction to the Internet of Everything (IoE) course.

- Learn how digital transformation turns information into action, creating unprecedented economic opportunity.
- Understand how the IoT brings together operational technology and information technology systems.
- Discover how business processes for evaluating and solving problems are being transformed.
- Learn the security concerns that must be considered when implementing IoT solutions.
- Practice what you learn using Cisco Packet Tracer, a network configuration simulation tool.
- Connect to the global Cisco Networking Academy community.

Languages: English, العربية, 中文(简体), 中文(繁體), Français, Deutsch, Italiano, 日本語, Pусский, Polski, Português, Español

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Packet Tracer Know How
Created by the Cisco Networking Academy community, Packet Tracer Know How helps new users become familiar with the network configuration simulation tool before they need to use it in courses.

- Learn to navigate the main user interface
- Understand the difference between logical and physical views
- Build a simple network topology

Languages: English, Français

Get Connected
Get Connected introduces you to basic computer and Internet navigation skills. You’ll learn how to:

- Identify different types of computer systems, components, printers, and other devices.
- Understand Microsoft Windows and how to work with files and folders.
- Understand computer networking, how to browse and search the Internet, and how to use email.
- Create accounts for Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
- Identify common problems and implement simple solutions for hardware, software, and networks.

Languages: English, 中文(简体), Français, Deutsch, Português, Español

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Introduction to Cybersecurity
A series of engaging presentations and panel discussions, the Introduction to Cybersecurity course covers the importance of cybersecurity, the most common risks, and how to mitigate them.

- Learn what cybersecurity is and how the industry is growing.
- Understand how attackers use malware and how to protect individuals from attack.
- Learn about threats in banking, telecommunications, healthcare, other industries, and across borders.
- Understand technology-based solutions and strategic and network-architecture planning.
- Study at your own pace and reinforce your understanding with activities and quizzes.
- Connect with the global Cisco Networking Academy community.

Languages: English, 中文(简体)

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The Entrepreneurship course uses interactive, online case studies to show how to apply network technology skills to start a business or advance your career.

- Increase your self confidence and personal motivation.
- Improve leadership skills and financial literacy.
- Learn about starting different kinds of businesses from an Internet café to a consulting service and more.
- Connect with the global Cisco Networking Academy community.

Languages: English, العربية, 中文(简体), 中文(繁體), Français, Italiano, Português, Español

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Be Your Own Boss
The Be Your Own Boss course is a series of 8 modules on how to run a successful technology business and become a “technopreneur.” Each hour-long module includes an instructional video, insights from a noted technopreneur, and a quiz.

- Understand what a technopreneur is and how to become one.
- Discover how to put your creativity to work, test your ideas, and research the market.
- Develop a business plan and get you and your team ready for market.
- Create a business contract and develop business relationships with customers.
- Connect with the global Cisco Networking Academy community.

Languages: English

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