5.1r Reflections Form - Spring 2017
Link to this week's plans: https://goo.gl/i0l1RY
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1) Which warmup activity from this week did you like best?
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2) Please rate the Dots and Boxes Game
And congratulations to Dalten W for being the first student I've ever had to capture ALL 49 squares (without cheating)!
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Not that much fun for me 🙁
Awesome! 😍
3) Please rate Wormz
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Not that cool 👎
Pretty cool! 👍
4) What do you think of this gif?
The Wormz application is what made me think of it...
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5) The reusable Prezis we explored yesterday should give you a great start on any core class project or presentation... just find a cool example, make a copy, and edit it. Do you think this might be useful to you?
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6) What did you think of Weavesilk?
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Not that interesting to me 😦
Really cool! 😁
7) Look over the list below of our learning goals for this week and tell me which was the most fun, interesting, or useful for you
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Writing Practice: 3 COMPLETE SENTENCES!
Please write 3 sentences about any of these (or any other appropriate topic of your choice)
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Did you know there's only 2 more weeks until Spring Break?
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