4.5r Reflections Form - Spring 2017
Link to this week's plans: https://goo.gl/wdrkUm
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1) Which warmup activity from this week did you like best? *
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2) Please rate Thisissand *
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Really cool! 😍
3) Please rate The Pattern Cooler *
The Pattern Cooler: http://www.patterncooler.com/
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Not that interesting to me
Very interesting!
4) Please rate Diffen, which can be used to compare/contrast 2 searches simultaneously *
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Very interesting and/or could be useful to me!
5) Please rate Sumopaint *
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Not that cool to me 👎👎
Awesome! 👍👍
6) Which of these Sumopaint tools was your favorite? *
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7) What do you think of the Notebook Pages Bookmarks list in the Help section (highlighted in green below)? Do you think it's helpful? *
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8) Look over the list below of our learning goals for this week and tell me how much you think you learned *
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I didn't learn much 🙁
I learned a lot! 😁
Please type your writing practice in the space below. You may choose any of the topics above or write about more than one of them if you like.
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Next week we start Incredibox, and you'll need earbuds to listen. We sell them in room 102 or the library for $2 and you can probably get them at Walmart for even less. This is the only required school supply for this class, so please bring your own (or borrow some) for next week! *
Please check the box to show you know you'll need earbuds (or headphones) next week
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