4.3r Reflections Form - Spring 2017
Link to this week's plans: https://goo.gl/JSH02w
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1) Which warmup activity from this week did you like best? *
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2) Look over the list below of our learning goals and rate how you how much you feel you learned this week *
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I didn't learn much this week 🙁
I learned a lot! 😁
3) We started out this week by browsing our campus website to find our daily announcements and Newsletters for the week. Is that information useful to you? *
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It's not that useful to me 👎
It's very useful! 👍
4) We learned how to create our own word searches and answer keys this week. What did you think of this activity? *
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It's not that interesting to me 👎
It's very interesting to me! 👍
5) We learned how to import our own vocabulary terms and definitions into both StudyStacks and Quizlet so you could study them by playing games with them on your phones, tablets or computers whenever you like. Do you think that could be useful to you or other students in the future? *
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I don't think it could be useful 🙁
I think it could be very useful 😄
6) We learned how to use Screencast-O-matic to record animated gifs of anything we're doing on our computer screens. What did you think of this activity? Here's an example gif recorded with SOM *
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Not that cool to me 😦
Very cool! 😍
Weekly Writing Practice: (at least 3 sentences!) *
Please type your writing practice for this week in the space below. You may choose any of the topics you see here or write about any other topic you like! The gif below was recorded with SOM, which you learned how to do this week :)
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Did you know that absences DO NOT excuse assignments? You are still responsible for making up work in this course when you return to school! You can turn in late assignments up until the end of the grading period without any penalty though, but you must tell me when you turn those in so I can update your grade! *
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Please check the box below to show you understand that today (Friday, Jan 20th) is the last day of the 4th Progress Reporting Period, and that all assignments 4.1-4.3 are due today! *
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