Host a Career Day at Your Business
Students can benefit greatly from learning about your company and the various marketing roles that make your business a success. We encourage you to volunteer to host a group of students for a Marketing Career Day, which can be held preferably on-site, or at an offsite location. Depending on the amount of activities and speakers, we would expect a Career Day event to run 2 - 3 hours,

Such a program can include various options:
-- A greeting by the CEO or a senior executive
-- Presentations by members of your marketing team to share what they do on a day-to-day basis - corporate, branding, field marketing, social media, research, R&D, product development, customer service, etc.
-- Presentation by your ad agency to showcase the advertising function
-- Presentation by HR to discuss open positions, internship options, and discuss what your company looks for in a marketing employee
-- A facilities tour
-- Speed interviewing or a chance to speak briefly with a company recruiter to express interest, submit a resume or schedule an interview
-- Distribution of company collateral, samples, coupons, etc

Please provide some tentative information, and then let's discuss details together. Don't let these questions overwhelm you; think of this as starting to brainstorm the idea together.

For more information, please contact Diane Huth, VP of Collegiate Relations - (210) 601-7852.

Thanks for your interest - let's create something wonderful together!

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