Newing Leadership Program Application
The Leadership Program will combine a classroom experience that you will earn credit for as well as participation in area-wide traditions and events. Program participants must be living in Newing. Participants will be automatically enrolled in the Leadership class. The goal of the Program is to provide participants with leadership knowledge and opportunities within Newing, across campus, or in the Binghamton area.

Please contact with questions.

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Which Newing Residence Hall are you assigned to be living in for Fall 2015? You must live in Newing in order to participate in this course. *
Please explain the leadership experiences you have had in your later high school years and/or your college years. This should include the types of experiences you had and what skills you gained from the experiences that will assist you in being a leader in Newing College. *
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Provide an explanation as to what experiences and skills you hope to gain from the Leadership Program and course work. How do you intend to apply these attributes to further your college career at Binghamton University? *
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