Chenango-Champlain Collegiate Center Room Reservation Form
Please fill out the below form to request a room in C4. We may not be able to fill every request due to staffing and room setup needs. With the exception of Newing/Dickinson professional/graduate staff and Newing/ Dickinson recognized student groups, the room may not be reserved for standing meetings. Please note that when you hit submit, that does not mean you are approved. You will receive a confirmation email from a staff member in Residential Life detailing approval, needs, changes, applicable charges, etc.
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Please note that Friday, Saturday, and Sunday events may be subject to billing for event staff. Events requested for Summer 2018 and the 18-19 Academic Year will be reviewed after May 30, 2018.
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Room and Setup Request
The C4 Multi-Purpose room is a collection of 6 rooms with movable walls (walls may ONLY be moved by C4 staff). The rooms are labeled A through F. Room A is the front right room, B is the middle right, C is the back right, D is the back left, E is the middle left, and F is the front left when you are looking at the building from the road. You may combine rooms for bigger events. Please note that any damage will be charged accordingly.

Each room has it's own projector and screen with laptop hookup.

Each individual room comfortably fits up to 35 people.


C4 Room 118 is a small conference room located on the Dickinson side of C4. This room can seat approximately 14 people.

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Multi-Purpose Room Layout
Equipment you wish to use in the Multi-Purpose Room:
Please check all the apply and provide numbers in the space provided below. If requesting the conference room only, skip this question.
Please refer to the layout picture above and describe, in detail, how you would like the room set up (chairs all facing the same direction, tables in a square, tables in a lecture style, number of chairs/tables, etc.). Your response MUST include the letters of the rooms you wish to reserve. *
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Please provide a cell phone number, so that if we have questions about your room set up - we can call you. *
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BU Dining Services (Sodexo) Catering
If your event will involve catering from BU Dining Services (Sodexo), it is required that you build in catering setup time into your MPR reservation request. For example, if your event will begin at 7:00 PM, but BU Dining Services needs to begin catering setup at 4:00 PM, your MPR request on this form should have a 4:00 PM start time. This allows C4 staff the time to set up the MPR for catering.
If you do not know the time required for catering setup, please contact BU Dining Services to ascertain that information. For questions about this process, please contact C4 MPR Supervisor, Ryan Roosa at 777-2030.
Will your reservation involve BU Dining Services (Sodexo) Catering? *
Terms of Agreement
I understand that the Residential Life has the right to void this reservation upon notifying the applicant prior to the scheduled event.

Both parties agree to give notice of any changes in or cancellation of this reservation.


Generally, reservations for C4 facilities is first-come first serve recognizing our plans to accommodate use based on the following. This means that the following priority is used for right of first refusal and that usually a lower priority group cannot bump a higher priority group that has already reserved the space.

1.) Newing/Dickinson recognized student groups (NCC, DC Players, DTC)
2.) Newing/Dickinson Residential Life Staff
3.) Central Residential Life staff
4.) Newing/Dickinson students
5.) Other Campus Student Groups
6.) Other Campus Offices


Sponsoring organization(s) or person(s) is responsible for the set-up and clean-up of this function. Such cleaning includes:

1. Disposing of trash in the appropriate trash receptacles, and taking large quantities of trash outside of the room for pick-up.
2. Wiping all surfaces clean.
3. Placing all tables and chairs back the way they were found.
4. Any remaining clean-up, such as decorations from the organization.


Failure to clean the facilities satisfactorily may result in denial of future requests to hold events in C4 facilities.

Any setup involving the walls, or any requests for additional tables and chairs must be arranged through the Student Manager staff.

If tables from Physical Facilities are ordered, they are not the responsibility of the Student Managers to handle. Please ensure that these tables will be picked back up by Physical Facilities promptly after the event.


Applicant will be liable for any damage which may occur as a result of the function.

Any necessary charges (i.e. cleaning, damage to furniture, going over event time, etc.) will be billed to applicant, not a student group.

Applicant and organization agree to abide by all University Rules and Expectations.

Applicant will be liable/responsible for any violations of policy which may occur as a result of the event.

Do you agree to the Terms of Agreement above? *
Reminder: submitting a reservation request is NOT a confirmation that the space is booked for your event.
A Residential Life staff member will contact you and let you know the status of your request.
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