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9 November 2012


New Service Aims to Save Time and Money to Busy People

A new Concierge Service for Household Bills is going live next week in the UK. Bill Harvest Ltd, a professional purchasing company, promises to save its members time and money by searching and finding them the best available deals on energy (gas, electricity), telecoms (landline, broadband and mobiles), insurance (home, health) and breakdown cover. The company arranges the switch over, too, for its members. Its founder Drew Morrow, says of the new service:

“Bill Harvest is much more than a comparison site as our experts will be trawling the whole market - not just a part of it - for the benefit of our members. Once we find them better deals, we continue monitoring the offers constantly looking for savings, removing hassle and information overload.The service will be free to all of those who register during the month of December, if we find them a better deal,” says Mr Morrow.

Since the emergence of online price comparison sites and the relaxation of the rules of switching suppliers, customers have had more options and tools at their disposal to find better deals for their utilities. However, recent findings have shown shortcomings of the comparison sites. A study by Which? consumer magazine showed that about 70% of the deals in the market available to the customers are not included in some comparison site searches.

Bill Harvest Ltd maintains its independence by its commitment to be totally transparent about any commissions it might be entitled to in the process of switching the customers and use them to the benefit of its members.

For more information contact us on 020 3535 8000 or visit www.billharvest.co.uk[1]

[1] 3 Kingsmill Business Park, Chapel Mill Road, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 3GZ, Tel:  020 3535 8000 E-mail: Customerservices@billharvest.co.uk