First Benelux IoE Challenge for Students 2016
On 25|26 May 2016*, BiASC and NASC intend to run the first Benelux IoE Challenge for students. Your students are allowed to prepare themselves locally at your institution (cheaper for your students).

The final stage takes place centrally in Brussels (or in Liege*) with your best team competing against other teams in a breathtaking final.


1 Register for the Benelux IoE Challenge (this online form)
2 Attend instructor info session in Brussels: Cisco Belux Diegem, 4 March (invitation will follow)
3 Locally train your students: Intro to the Internet of Everything, Connecting People, Processes, Data and Things
4 Locally organize practice sessions for your students using Cisco handouts: Cloud, Raspberry PI, Arduino, sensors, Wyliodrin, Python programming
5 Your institution runs the first stage of the IoE Challenge locally (two days) - online interaction via Webex
6 Your best team takes part in the final stage in Brussels or Liege on 25 (or 26) May

Participation is free for all Networking Academies and the winning team will win a prize of 3000 €. All teams will delegate at least one instructor to attend the final stage. We prefer teams of mixed education programmes: IT, business, marketing, logistics, manufacturing, education, social sciences, ...

--*Minor details are possible to change in the coming days--

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