Become an Affiliate of 350 Mass!
350 Mass is a grassroots, volunteer-led climate action network! We are working to push our cities and towns to commit to 100% renewable energy. We are also working to push our state closer to 100% renewables, through legislation that would increase the amount of clean energy we use, expand access to solar, put a price on carbon, fix gas leaks, and stop new fossil fuel pipelines. You can see more about our statewide goals here:

In addition to member nodes, 350 Mass also has affiliates. Any community-based group that agrees with one or more statewide campaign goals of 350 Mass and wants to be more plugged in to the efforts to accomplish these goals can join our network as an affiliate by filling out the form below.

Benefits of 350 Mass affiliation:
-Increased communication around what’s happening at the statewide level and opportunities to help plan major statewide and regional events. In particular, you'll be able to participate in our statewide legislative team, which has regular conference calls to coordinate efforts to pass climate-friendly legislation in MA. You'll have access to resources and assistance in moving your town towards 100% renewable energy.
-Opportunities to have a voice (although not a vote) when we select our campaigns, and in designing and implementing those campaigns
-Opportunities to participate in 350 Mass trainings, summits and retreats, as space allows
-Access to our insurance policy as needed for venues that require insurance in order to rent space
-Recognition on 350 Mass website
-Ability to borrow megaphones, marshall vests, signs and props, art supplies, projector, and other items from BFP’s Cambridge office
-Opportunities to solicit support from 350 Mass, individual nodes, or 350 Mass members for specific actions or campaigns.

Responsibilities of 350 Mass Affiliation
-Publicly listing affiliation with 350 Mass on your website/Facebook page, with link to 350 Mass website
-Sharing of contact list (either entire list or some portion) with 350 Mass so that contacts receive updates on 350 Mass statewide campaign(s) (we will work with you to figure out what makes sense in this area!)
-Commitment to advance one or more of 350 Mass’ statewide campaigns
Organization's Name
Your Name
Role in the Organization
Email Address
Phone Number
Are you community-based (e.g. centered around a community or a region, not statewide or national)? Please briefly describe your organizational structure, and the decision-making process by which the decision to apply as an affiliate was approved:
Are you a membership-based organization (e.g. a group that primarily engages ordinary citizens, as not a group that primarily focuses on policy or legal work)? Please describe how your organization involves its members:
Do you have energy, environment, or climate as a core part of your work? Please describe your organization’s work in this area and how it links to your overall mission:
What are your short and long term goals?
Having reviewed the mission, goals and objectives of 350 Mass, are you in agreement with our core organizational values? (e.g. a climate group that advocates for natural gas as a bridge fuel would probably not be aligned with 350 Mass, even if the end goals are shared)
Clear selection
Do you agree to help advance one or more of 350 Mass' statewide campaigns and publicly state your affiliation with 350 Mass?
We also ask affiliates to share part or all of their contact list so that members can receive updates on 350 Mass statewide campaign(s) and/or the weekly newsletter -- we will work with you to figure out what makes sense in this area!
Clear selection
Who reached out to you about becoming an affiliate? Did you have the chance to talk with them about your organization and how it aligns with 350 Mass?
We want to make sure that all affiliate groups have checked in with someone from 350 Mass and understand how the network operates and what it means to affiliate!
Thank you!
We're excited to have you join our network. The next step is to talk in phone or in person with a member of 350 Mass, if you haven't already done so -- we'll be in touch soon!
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