Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School 2016-2017 Parent Volunteer Contract

Dear Our Lady of Lourdes Parents and Families,

On behalf of the Home and School Association (H.S.A.), I welcome you to the beginning of another wonderful school year! Recognizing the value of parental involvement, it is our policy to utilize the help of parent and family volunteers in as many areas of the school as possible. In order for our school to fully benefit from the time and talents of all our families, a Mandatory Volunteer Policy is in effect to evenly share responsibilities amongst all registered families. This program allows for adequate staffing of H.S.A. sponsored events and other programs that help keep tuition costs down. As a result, mandatory service hours are required of all registered families.

The Mandatory Volunteer Policy is subject to modification as circumstances warrant. The current provisions are as follows:

• Each family registered at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School is required to volunteer a minimum of twenty (20) hours of service per school year to the mission of our school. Any parent, legal guardian, grandparent or immediate family member over 18 years of age may fulfill a family’s service obligation.

• Any person volunteering in the school during school hours (8 am - 3 pm) or chaperoning field trips must attend a VIRTUS training class and complete a background check through the Archdiocese of Washington. For more information and a schedule of upcoming training classes, visit www.adw.org/childprotection/. Email Mrs. Sheri Gutierrez at sgutierrez@bethesdalourdes.org for more information and to schedule your background check.

• Service hours will be self-reported. Upon completion of the service activities, families are responsible for reporting their hours in the Volunteer Service Hour Log Book (located in the front lobby).

• The definition of a “service hour” is flexible. Room parents act as liaisons between families and teachers to coordinate teacher needs, some of which may be completed at home. All of the traditional volunteer positions count as service hours, including coaching, fundraising, and room parenting.

• A Parent Coordinator will lead each event and volunteer effort. Coordinators work closely with me and with volunteers to organize the event. Coordinating an event will fulfill your family’s 20-hour service commitment for the year.

• If a family is unable to fulfill their required twenty (20) hours during the school year, they are required to buy out their commitment for a fee of $20 per hour. Any outstanding hours or monetary fees must be reconciled by the end of the school year. Please email Mrs. McGann at pmcgann@bethedsa-lourdes.org if service hours cause your family undue hardship and other arrangements will be made.

• An H.S.A. event fee of $150 is required for all families and helps pay for the events. Please submit payment through the school store or deposit a check into the H.S.A. mailbox located in the school lobby.

• Each family is asked to complete the Volunteer Service Contract below indicating that they have read and understood this information. Signing also demonstrates that the family agrees to comply with the terms of this agreement and acknowledges their commitment to our school and to the H.S.A. Also, please check the boxes for the events in which your family would like to volunteer.

• Completed Volunteer Service Contracts and the $150 H.S.A. event fee are due by September 15, 2016.

If you have any questions, please contact me at micheladonohue@aol.com. Thank you for your service to Lourdes! I look forward to working with you this year!


Mrs. Michela Donohue
H.S.A. Volunteer Coordinator

    Parent Volunteer Agreement

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