How to Contribute to a Wiki in Moodle 2.0

Rationale: A wiki is a collaborative tool that allows an individual, group, or entire class to build a document or entire web site together.  A good example of such a tool is WikiPedia which has become a knowledge encyclopedia for world information.   The Moodle 2 wiki  is far more easy to use and powerful than the wiki in Moodle 1.9 and now students are able to embed images, links, and media to build collaborative works.  

Step 1: Enter the wiki via the link in the Moodle course site

If the wiki is a visible groups wiki, then you will be able to view the other group wikis but not edit in those wikis.

 Step 2: Edit your wiki page

Once you are on the wiki page you wish to edit simply click on the Edit tab to edit the page.

Other Wiki Features

Comments Tab – allows users to add and view comments about the wiki.

History Tab – allows wiki users to view changes in the wiki, compare versions of the wiki, and restore to previous versions if needed. The user making the changes is shown along with the changes made.

Map Tab  allows users to view the structure of the wiki

Files Tab  allows users to view attached files associated with the wiki


More Information

Brief Video Overview