Madrichim Application 2017-18
DUE DATE: August 15, 2017 for Sunday Program, Hagigah, Hebrew Program and Connections, May 15, 2017 for Camp Beth Am. *Note* - Space at Camp Beth Am is very limited for madrichim this year - Assignments will be given on a first come first serve basis.
Please complete this form. When you have completed this form you will hear from Mike Mason or Maddy Winard, Director of Youth Engagement, at to set up an interview.

PART I – Madrichim Job Description

Responsibilities and Expectations:
• Role modeling ̶ Enthusiastic and energetic participants in all program activities!
• Partner with teachers ̶ Lead groups and activities.
• Awareness ̶ Help students build relationships by making sure that they are never alone. Be on the lookout for bullying.
• Flexibility ̶ Programs change at a moment’s notice, so be ready to step up and do what is necessary to make the day successful, while maintaining a positive attitude.
• Ownership of hafsakah (recess) ̶ Referee for a gaga game; start a game of tag; duck, duck goose, etc.
• Arrive 15 minutes before the start of programs and check out with your teacher before leaving at the end of the day (expect to stay at least 15 minutes after the session ends).
• Sit among students at all times, participating in t’filah and all other activities.
• Creativity ̶ We want your ideas and talents! Find an appropriate time (not in front of students) to share your great ideas with teachers and Program Directors.
• Willing to assist or lead class ̶ Let your teachers know what your talents are so they can incorporate them, as appropriate!
• Bring students to the Program Director, Education Office, etc. for first aid treatment and other issues.
• Knowledge of student issues and how to handle them.
• Professionalism ̶ Being 100% committed when you are at Beth Am.
• Confidentiality and appropriateness ̶ Keep student issues private and limited to those who need to know. Do not share inappropriate details of your own life with students.
• Initiative ̶ Be aware! If someone is cleaning up, trying to get the group’s attention or gathering students together, help ensure that the task is completed. For example, if you do not have something to do and your class needs snack but it has not yet arrived, pick it up!
• Absolutely NO cell phone use other than for education program business.
• Appropriate clothing and close-toed shoes.
• Appropriate and positive language.

Shadows (assist special needs students):
• Know your student’s specific needs.
• Check in with parents, teachers and program directors as appropriate
• Help accommodate your student’s needs, as much as possible, with the help of a teacher when necessary.
• Ask for help!
• Develop a plan with your teacher in case your student needs to leave the group temporarily.
• Help integrate your student in class.
• Your attention should be primarily focused on your student, but that does not mean that you can’t step up and help the teacher when necessary.
• Be discreet.

PART II: Requirements for Madrichim

1) Madrichim will attend a mandatory orientation and 3 paid workshops:

*Camp Beth Am Orientation date to be determined, 9:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
All other programs Orientation date to be determined, 9:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Other training dates will be available soon.

2) Madrichim will take absences seriously
If unable to attend a program session, you must notify you teacher AND madrichim coordinator in advance. Additionally, as a madrich(a), you are responsible for getting your own substitute.

3) Madrichim will check in with the Madrichim Coordinator at least once during the year.

4) Madrichim will complete an end-of-year evaluation to be discussed with the Madrichim Coordinator.

Untitled Title
I have read, understood, and commit to the above requirements for Beth Am madrichim.
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General Information
What grade will you enter in fall 2017?
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If you have worked as a madrich/a before then please list the programs/teachers you have worked with previously:
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I am interested in:
***Please note that you sign up to be paid or to volunteer for the whole school year. You may switch this only ONCE at the first semester break.***
Program Assignments For the following section please indicate if you are willing to work in more than one program. We try to accommodate program and teacher requests, but cannot make any guarantees.
If you want to work in Sunday program, please select options you are interested in working in
Please list your top 3 choices for what you would prefer to do next year.
Please note that we cannot guarantee anyone their top choices but will try to accommodate requests as much as possible.
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Please select an option below:
Please select the grade levels you feel comfortable working with:
Please note: 9th graders can only work with Pre K-5th grade. 10th-12th graders can select any grades.
How comfortable are you with the Hebrew language?
Please list any preferences for teachers you want to work with:
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Additionally, I'm interested in:
I'm available to substitute:
Background Information - Only new madrichim need to answer
1. Why do you want to become part of the Madrichim Program?
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2. What are you doing to further your personal Jewish education this year?
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3. What other activities are you planning to do in your secular life this year?
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