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International Student Roommate Search Tool
Jose Tomas DiazChileGradYear<1200BerkeleyAnyKind, clean and responsibleHi, I am from Chile, I will start my graduate studies in August and I am looking for housing. I am clean, respectful, responsible and kind. I like outdoor sports such as hiking and climbing.
Regina CuiChinaGrad StudentSummer<= 1400close to campusSingle/shared room in an apartmentclean, chill, FriendlyHi, I‘m Regina. Econ and Art major. Been here for 4 years.
Asma BoutrikAlgeria
August 2019- August 2020
Preferably North Area, Downtown is fine, But Not South Area
Single room in a 2 bedroom apartmementClean, Tidy, Nice and considerate. Contact me if you want to know more details, communication will enable us to know if we are good to be roomates. I am Grad student (girl), i would like to live in a quite area to focus on study, and explore the bay area on weekends. contact me for further details
Eric HaugenCanadaGradFall 2019-2020
<=1500Berkeley(Northside)Private room in shared apartment or houseclean, easy-going, relatively quiet, non-smoking, responsible for choresHi everyone, I'm Eric and I'm from Toronto, Canada. I will be starting a PhD in physical chemistry this fall and am looking to move to Berkeley at the beginning of August. I am interested in outdoor activities such as running and biking and I am also down for activities such as board games. I am hoping to live with tidy people who all pitch in and do chores around the apartment. Send me an email if you are interested in getting a place together.
Yunjie YaoChinaGradSpring<=1100close to sather gate and RSFsingle roomclean, respectful, friendly, no smoking, no partyI am 21 year old graduate student from China. Love design, technology, art, dance. Super quiet and pretty clean. Cook Chinese food once a week.
Yang WuChinaGrad Fall 2019 and beyondyangwu_2019@berkeley<1200Somewhere within biking distancePrivate room in shared apartment or houseClean, able to share weekly chores, do dishes after cooking etc., not too noisyI am Yang from Beijing, China. I am joining Berkeley Chem PhD program.
Zhiling ZhengChinaGrad Fall 2019<1000Berkeley/Albany/El cerritoPrivate room in shared apartment or houseClean, friendly and easy-going, not too noisy, foodieHi, I'm Zhiling from China. I'm currently an undergrad at Cornell and will move to Berkely and start my Ph.D. study in Chemisty this summer. I'm quite tidy and considered myself to be a morning person. I like hiking and traveling when not studying. It would be cool if you want to look for a place with a reasonable price together! :D
Yufei (Albert) WangChinaGrad StudentFall<=1000<15-20 min driving, or <30 min bussingle roomclean, easy-goingPhD in NE. Been here for 5 years.
Yiheng LinChinaGrad StudentFall<=2000Within 15min drive to campusSingle room with private bathroomClean, quiet, respectfulHi all! I am Yiheng Lin(Abby), I am an incoming grad student in Architecture. After 4 years in SoCal, I am moving to Bay area in early August. I am very clean and considerate as roommate, I am looking for roommate who can do the same. I prefer renting a 2 bedroom apartment with in-unit washer/dryer. Feel free to email me if you are interested!
Weiyu HeChinaGrad studentFall<=1400Within 15 minute walking distanceSingle room in shared apartmentClean, quiet, respectful.Hello everyone! I am a 24 years old male who is majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Right now I am looking for a room near Cal (perferablly north side) starting August or September and end in Dec 31th, 2019. Ideally I would want a single room but double is fine to me as well. Feel free to email me if you are interested in renting an apartment with me.
Wei HuangChinaGrad StudentAcademic year<=1300Within 20 min walk or public transportSingle room in shared apartmentClean, friendly, no smoking, quietHi! I am Wei Huang, I am an incoming MSE MEng graduate student. I am quiet, friendly, clean and do not smoke or drink. Some of my hobbies are badminton, swimming, climbing, reading. August 6th, 2019 to May or June/2020.
Jesse HuChina
Visiting Student Researcher
August<$1200Anywhere within walking distanceSingle room Clean, frendly, helpful, laidbackHello, I am from Los angeles and I am a transfer student. My major is sociology, and I am looking for a room that I can study quitely for most of the time.
Amanda Wu China Grad StudentFall 2019 -<=1200Berkeley Private room in shared apartment or houseClean , friendly, fun, easy-going, respectful, considerateHi im currentlly a senior at berkley will be staying here for grad school starting fall at berkeley school of information. I am super easy going and clean. I love traveling, trying out good restaurants, meeting new friends, and any ourdoor activities. I also study a lot. if you are interested in living together pls hit me up :)
Juan GuevaraColombiaGrad<1000Neraby to campusprefer single room in a house (furnished or unfurnished is ok)FriendlyI need a place to stay for a month from August 4th, after that I'll leave the country. I will spend my time outside going only for sleeping
NameCountry of OriginLevel/Year (Ex: Grad, Freshman, Exchange) Semester(s) you are looking to share housingContact emailPrice rangePreferred apt locationApartment type/ sizePreferred roommate characteristicsOther notes:I found a roommate!
Nesma GewilyEgypt Grad StudentFall
Within 20 min public transport from campus
Single room in shared apartmentKind, clean, considerate, female preferably Muslim, no pets.Hi! I am Nesma from Egypt, I am doing my PhD in Arabic Studies. I am looking for a single room in shared apartment. I am quiet, responsible, organised and conservative. Will gladly share a flat with females.
Francesca McLarenEnglandGrad StudentFall 2019
Close to campusroom in a shared apartmentsociable!Hii! I'm an undergrad student from London taking a year abroad to study at Berkley starting in Fall. I'm looking to share an apartment with some fun people for the year. I do alot of sport and I like going out and socialising, but I am tidy and I do work hard. Looking to live with some nice relaxed people who I can hve some chilled evenings in with. If you think we'd be good fit as roomates please message me!
Tom GiudiceFranceGrad StudentFall 2019 - 2020
<1200Berkeley / SFPrivate room in shared apartment or houseClean, fun, easy-going, Hi I'm Tom from France. I am a student in HEC Paris and I will be a student in the MAster of Global Studies this fall and next spring. I am looking for cool and chilled roommates.
Servet LapardhajaGreeceGrad StudentFall 2019-2020
Berkeley around the campus preferably
Private room (preferably furnished)Clean, not too noisy, easy going, fun, friendlyHello, I am Servet Lapardhaja from Athens, Greece and I am going to start my PhD in Transportation Engineering (Civil and Environmental Engineering) in Fall 2019. I am a easy going and friendly guy who likes to share good moments with friends. I am planning to be at Berkeley around mid August and preferably but not necessarily I would like to have a lease of at least one academic year. As I mention I am looking for a private room because also I like to have my own privacy. Please feel free to reach me out and email me. If you want you chat also through messenger or facebook, my name there is Sevi Lapardhaja. Looking forward to hear from you.
Neville DadinaIndiaGrad StudentFall 2019-2020
<=1300Berkeley (walking distance to campus)Private room in a shared apartmentclean, easy-going, fun, sociable. Non-smoker myself, but ok with occasional smoking. Hi there, I'm Neville Dadina (he/him/his) from Mumbai, India and I'm going to be starting a PhD in Chemistry in Fall 2019. I'm an easy going person, and pretty flexible and accommodating. I'm planning to move to Berkeley in August (probably in the first week). I love food, and cooking, so if the spirit moves me, thou shalt be fed. I sleep like a log, and have slept through potentially life threating situations, so if you like hanging out till late in the night, I'll either join you or pass out, and you wont have to worry about it. As far as qualities I look for in a rommate are concerned, the most important thing for me is being up-front, open and honest with my roommate. Talking out problems before they snowball, and reaching compromises has worked pretty well for me. I'm not demanding or unreasonable. If you want to room together, feel free to reach out and email me.
Varun SaveIndiaGrad StudentFall<=1500Walking distance to campusPrivate room in a shared apartment or houseClean, respectful and friendly. Not noisy except when watching crazy sporting events unfold. Like playing soccer, hiking Hello everyone, I'm Varun! I'll be starting the M.Eng Program in the Fall and will be moving to Berkeley on Aug 12. I'm originally from India and went to Purdue for my undergrad. I like to explore new places, go hiking and am an avid soccer player and follower. I have had both male and female housemates before so will be cool sharing the house / apartment with either. Feel free to drop me an email if you think we'd be a good fit as roommates! Cheers!
Shamita ChaudharyIndiaGrad StudentFall 2019-2020
<=1200Walking distance to campusPrivate room in a shared apartment or houseNeat, tidy, pet friendly, loves cooking, runs/swims/hikes.Hi there! I'm Shamita. I'm a pretty active, outdoorsy person. I love to swim/run and occasionally cook. I love listening to music and anything unconventional that comes my way. I read and I trek and I love travelling and trying out new cuisines. I'm pretty warm as a person and really good with pets too. I respect personal space and privacy and am generally a pretty clean person to live with (i clean to de-stress so you can imagine). I do have a chatty side to me, so if you're talkative I think we'll get along well.
Sumedha BhatIndiaGrad StudentFall 2019-20
<=1200BerkeleyPrivate room or 2 people sharing one room in a shared apartment (furnished)Friendly, Clean, studious, laid back, will do their share of chores, will not hog the bathroom all the time, should be comfortable with lights on after dark since I am a night owl (if im sharing the room), foodie, non-smokerHi Everyone! I'm Sumedha. I'm from India. I'll be moving to Berkeley in August to start my Professional Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering (Product Development Program). I'm very laid back and clean. I love to dance, take long walks and try new cuisines. I love movies and kdramas. Kinda a slow but steady learner, so you will see me put in a lot of hours in the library. Feel free to drop a mail if you want to be roommates.
Ishaan MalhiIndiaGrad StudentFall 2019-20
<=1200Walking/Cycling distance to campusPrivate room in a shared apartment/houseClean, respectful, non-smoker, considerate and easy-going.Hello! I am Ishaan and I am from Mumbai, India. I am an incoming M.Eng in EECS Student for Fall 2019. I am enthusiastic about food, I know how to cook a little and hopefully getting better at it. I am a night owl, love all kinds of music and occasionally play the guitar. Feel free to message/email if you think we'd be a good fit as roommates!
Aakanksha ChandakIndiaGrad StudentFall 2019- 2020
1000BerkeleyPrivate furnished room in shared apartment or house with kitchen Clean, friendly and easy-going, not too noisy, foodieHello, I am Aakanksha from India and will join this fall for masters in Landscape architecture. I like to meet new people and explore new places. I am easy going and fun loving person. It would be great to be with someone with similar choices and look for place within my range.
Shankar Ram Kasiviswanathan
IndiaGrad Student
Fall 2019 - Spring 2020(or) Spring 2021
<=1100Berkeley(Northside)open to sharing room,fully furnishedfun,easy-going,open to game/movie night,non-smoking,should also be open to exploration,responsible with chores,clean and tidyHi all, Name's Shankar. I am an international grad student joining this fall in Ms Civil and Environmental engineering program. I'm from India and I love gaming,music and roaming around trying new restaurants and stuff like that. Open to any gender. Feel free to mail me and we can find a place to live :).
Medini TolpadiIndiaGrad StudentFall 2019 - 2020
<1000BerkeleyPrivate room in shared apartment or houseClean, friendly, not too noisyHey! I'm Medini and will join UCB for my Masters in Civil Engineering. I love hiking, travelling and am a bibliophile. Would be great to find someone to look for a place in my price range.
Pallavi MittalIndiaGrad StudentFall 2019 -<1000BerkeleyPrivate room in shared apartment or houseClean, friendly and studiousHey, I am Pallavi and will join UCB for masters in Engg & Project Management (Civil Engg) this fall. I love reading, travelling, and keeping up with my OCDn. It will be great to find someone with similar taste
Namrata ManiIndia
Fall 2019 -<1600Within walking/biking distancePrivate room in a shared apartmentClean, considerate, friendlyHi! I'm moving to Berkeley by the 10th of August, so looking for a place from either the 1st or the 15th of August.
I like keeping the house clean, so it's warm and welcoming when I get back home. I'm an early bird and usually make tea as soon as I wake up (past flatmates often got treated to a hot cup of chai in bed). I've recently started  cooking, and usually spend some part of my weekend experimenting with vegetarian recipes.
I usually have low key weeknights - reading/netflix, but always up for mealtimes together and very comfortable with having people over for dinner/board games. On weekends, I'm really looking forward to exploring the Bay Area, going for live music performances and I'd love to start hiking again. 
Drop me a message if you think we might be good as flatmates!
Johnson JamesIndiaGrad studentFall$900-1300
Near Campus, preferable Northside. Alternatively, close to a BART station.
Private room in a shared apartment or houseClean, non-smoking, easy going, respectful, funHi, I'm an grad student starting the M.Eng IEOR program preferable looking for a place from August. Primarily from India I've grown up and travelled to several parts of Asia. I enjoy hikes, exploring food and games.
I read when possible and like to keep a tidy environment. I attempt to cook though how well is subjective. Open to looking for housing together as well.
Sana SatpathyIndiaGrad studentFall 2019
Close to campus, preferably North or Downtown
Private room in a shared apartmentKind, clean, not easily shocked. Politically left of center, LGBTQ+ friendly, preferably vegan-friendly. Can be of any gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, etc. Bonus points for quipsters and/or nerds who love sci-fi and fantasy.I’m a 28 year old cis woman from India, and will be attending Cal for my Master of Public Policy. I’m clean, accommodating and respectful. I appreciate a balance between social bonding and personal space. I'm vegan, LGBTQ+ friendly, and politically left leaning. Sometimes I prefer to stay in and spend my free time reading, writing, watching TV, coping with existential crisis, etc.; and at other times I enjoy grabbing drinks at the bar, going to the movies or watching live performances, cosplaying, adventure sports, volunteering, etc.

I can't lure you with claims about my exceptional cooking or handyperson skills because I don't have any, but I can clean-up like a whirlwind and remove anything cringeworthy when you're bringing someone back to the apartment at abrupt notice. And I might do your share of chores on the days you are really sick or emotionally wrecked.
Barkha AgrawalIndia
Year Abroad undergrad
August 2019 - May 2021
<=1000very close to the campusShared room in a two sharing appartmentFriendly, clean, studious, fun, and respectfulHi, I am from India and will be joining Masters in Information Management program at berkeley this fall. I did my graduation from India in Computer Science. I love cooking, reading and will be a easy going roommate.
Sai VinodIndia
Visiting Student Researcher
August 2019 - May<$1300
Anywhere within 20 mins. walking distance to campus
Single room in shared apartmentFriendly, fun and likes to exploreHi! I am going to join LL.M program this August. I a human rights lawyer based in New Delhi. I love to trek and eager to explore wonderful trails in California!
Shikhar SharmaIndiaGrad studentAcademic Year 2019-2020
<=1100Walking distance to campusPrivate Single in a shared apartmentSqueaky clean! Hello everyone, Iam Shikhar from New Delhi, India and will be pursuing M.Eng in Mechanical Engineering for the 2019-20 academic year. Owing to my current job I have travelled to more than 12 countries and worked along with people from 15 nations, which taught me to be very adaptive and understanding. I like my space to be tidy and would always help in maintaining the common areas clean. I play the guitar, but I assure you it will never be a disturbance! Love to hike, explore and try out the local cuisine. Sashimi lover! Kindly drop me a message if youre willing to share a space!
Sarvagya Vatsal SinghIndiaGrad StudentAcademic year 2019-2020
Within 20 min public transport from campus
Single room in shared apartmentSome one who is not that messy and like to respect others privacyHi all! I am an incoming grad students from India. I actually did my undergrad from UC Davis and have been working in Mountain View for year. I consider myself pretty chill and clean who likes to hang out from time to time. I will be pursuing my Masters in Computer Science. Feel free to contact me if you have an accomodation for me. Thank you.
Aneesa ChishtiIndiaGrad StudentAcademic Year 2018-20
<=1000BerkeleySingle furnished room in an apartment/houseKind, clean, quiet, friendly, organisedHi, I'm Aneesa! I'll be starting the MIMS program in August.
Samdisha PunjaniIndiaGrad StudentAcademic Year<1000Less than 20 minute walk to campus/ 5-10 mins bike ride to campusSingle/shared room in an apartmentClean and SocialHi! I am Samdisha and I am from India. I will be pursuing Masters of Science in Chemical Engineering at UCB. I did my undergrad from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Illinois so I have been living in US for the last 4 years. I like to cook occasionally and I love to dance and swim. I am looking into finding accommodation as close to campus at a reasonable price. Let me know if you're willing to share an apartment with me! Feel free to email me at
Vishakha GuptaIndiaGrad Student
Academic Year 2018-19/20
<=100010-15 minutes walking radius; preferebly near North Gate HallPrefer a single room but open to a doubleClean, friendlyHey, I am Vishakha and I'll be joining the Master of Journalism program this fall. I can cook decent food and am generally a quite person. Feel free to get in touch with me! Thanks
Udit SethIndiaLLM student
Academic year 2019 to 2020
Safe neighbourhood and convenient distance from the campus
Single room in an apartment. Would be great if the room/ apartment is furnished.
Cheerful, academic orientation, respectful, responsibleThis is monotonous. Find me on facebook/linkedin. We can chat there and test our compatibilities.
Nishrin QowamunaIndonesiaGrad StudentAcademic year 2019-2020
<=1150Preferably Southside, near Boalt HallSingle or DoubleFriendly, quiet, clean, non-smoker, non-drinker, studious, no pet, respectfulHello, I am Nishrin, an incoming Berkeley Law (LLM) graduate student for the 2019-2020 academic year. I am 25 years old and from Indonesia. I will move to Berkeley in early August. I am looking for a place near to Boalt hall or in Southside area. I dont drink or smoke and will not bring any pets either. I also will be studying a lot. In my free time, I enjoy playing guitar and watching movies. Please drop me a message if you think we can be roommate/housemate :)
Rüstem ÖzgürIstanbul/TurkeyGrad StudentFall 2019-20
<=1300Near the campusSingle room in a shared apartmentTidy and willing to do the choresHello everyone, I'm 22 year old male international student. I am a new PhD student at Materials Science & Engineering program, who will move to Berkeley in this August. I have lived in shared rooms and apartments for the last 9 years. So, you can expect me to be negotiable and easy-going. My daily routine would be leaving home around 8 am and come back at 6-7 pm to cook food and relax. I love outdor activities such as camping, trekking and orienteering. Also, I am planning to start boulder climbing soon. I do not smoke but I can tolerate smoking in the house. Altough I adore cats, I am allergic to them. I may have guests crashing the couch once every 2-3 months. Shoot me an e-mail and we can arrange a skype call.
Mariagrazia De LucaItalyGrad StudentFrom August
1000 to 2000close to campus Single room, double to share w/ husbandClean, friendlyMy name is Mariagrazia, and I am Italian. After having lived for about six years in NYC, I've been accepted in a Ph.D. program in Italian in Berkeley and will move to the West Coast in August. I'm looking for a room for me and my husband, Mario, close to the campus. We are clean, discreet, and friendly. We like to ride bike, read and go to the movies. Feel free to contact me on my email if interested.
Ayako HoriuchiJapanExchangeFall<=1300
Within 20 minute walking distance
from the campus
Furnished single or
double room in a shared
apartment or house
clean, non-smoking, friendly, respectfulHi, I'm Ayako from Japan. I'm female.
I'm currently a PhD candidate in Japan
and will be a visiting student researcher at UCB
from August 2019 to July 2020.
My affiliation in UCB is Department of Philosophy.
If you're Japanese learner, I can teach Japanese.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
anshJapanGrad StudentFall 2019 - 2020
<1200BerkeleyPrivate room in shared apartment or houseClean, friendly, not too noisyHi, I'm Nana from Japan. I graduated recently from Santa Clara University and will be a first-year Masters of Public Health student at Cal this fall. I like to be clean and organized. I like to work out and I tend to study a lot, so having a workout and/or study buddy would be great.
Tinkhani MbichilaMalawi
Graduate Student
August 2019 - july 2020
<=1000very close to the campusprivate room in shared apartment/ houseNon smoker, clean , friendly and politeHi, I am studying MPH at UC Berkeley begining this fall. I love reading books, watching sports, playing chess. Easy going. Looking for a roommate to study quietly with.
Bernardo Moreno PenicheMexicoGrad StudentAcademic year 2019-2020
<= 1300
Within 20 min public transport from campus
Single room in shared apartmentSomeone who is willing to chip in, help out with housechores, and keep the house tidy and peaceful. Preferably grad student, LGBTQ+ friendly. Does't matter if you smoke as long as you don't do it inside the house. I'm fine with parties and gatherings as long as they don't take place super often. I am a newcomer Mexican physician who's trying a different career path with a PhD in Medical Anthropology at Berkeley. I am very clean, organized, and respectful. I enjoy making new friends and sharing, but I highly value privacy as well. I love cooking and tend to spend a fair amount of time in the kitchen. I like running, swimming, biking, and taking pictures. I am mostly intoverted but open up and make strong and long-lasting frienship once confidence is built. I am looking to share a flat with one or two other people, starting in August 2019. Feel free to email me if you are interestied in sharing a flat with me.
Arnold OgboguNigeria
Graduate Student
Fall 2019 - Spring<=$1500
Anywhere within campus walking distance
Private room in a shared furnished apartment/houseFriendly, respectful, sociableHi, I am a 22-year old incoming graduate student in the Chemical Engineering PDP program. I'm moving to Berkeley the 16th of August, so looking for a place to lease starting relatively close to this timeframe. A bit about me: I wasa born in Lagos, Nigeria, but have lived in about six different countries. I graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. I am a huge fan of Manchester United, love video games, and enjoy exploring new places. Hit me up if you would like to live with me, as I would enjoy not being homeless!
Yasoob Khalid NiaziPakistanGrad Student
2019-2020 Academic Year or longer
<= 1400Close to campusFurnished single room in a shared apartment that has a kitchenClean, no smokingHi, I'm a CS sophomore at Berkeley. I love soccer, video games, watching TV shows, listening to pop music, and reading novels. I'm also a huge anime and manga fan.
Yulia AlexandrRussia/Israel/USAGrad StudentFall 2019yalexandr@berkeley.eduOakland/BerkeleySingle room in shared apartmentVegetarian, clean, quiet, friendly, open, femaleHi all! I am Yulia and I will be a PhD student in the math department in the fall. I am vegan and also clean and respectful roommate. Please contact me if you are interested in being roommates :)
Ahmad Jazzar (Jazz)Saudi ArabiaGrad StudentFall 2019 -<=1600Near campus and/or BARTdouble, onsite laundry, kitchen. Bathtub highly preferredChill, social, friendly. Down for random adventures and cook offs. down for a smoke upHi I'm Jazz, I'm continuing my master's degree and working on a project for the fall, with plans for OPT in winter. I'm a home body with random spurts of energy, where I like everything that is nature. 420, anime, games, shows, nature, food, beach, city nightlife you name it, I'm game. I am a light sleeper, but looking for a clean location near campus and bart
Abdullah AlmubarakSaudi ArabiaGrad StudentAcademic year 2019-2020
Within a 10 - 15 minute biking commute. The closer the better
Single room in shared apartment
Clean, quiet, respectful, easy-going, sociable. Hey y'all! I'm joining Berkeley this fall for a Master's in Transportation Engineering. I enjoy outdoor activities, sports and I'm definitley looking forward to exploring the bay area and Cali! I'm down to chilling, cooking, having
random conversations and playing board games now and then! I appreciate a clean space and I like to stay organized. Let me know if you're interested in looking for an apartment/house together!
Pablo Ahijado AparicioSpain
Grad Student
Fall 2019 -<1200BerkeleyPrivate room in shared apartment or house, diverse roommates, big kitchen and backyard w lots of plantsClean, kind, friendly and not too noisy. Sharing with diverse people would be awesome.Hey all! Pablo from Spain here :). Starting my Masters in Development Practices at UCB this August, but should get a place by the end of July. Easy going, love to cook, especially for others, and enjoy my free time handbalancing, doing gymnastics, taking pictures and exploring the outdoors. Not a big party fan, but I'll die for a tinto de verano, good food, great music and interesting conversations. Very tidy and clean, morning person. If you think it'd be cool to look for a place together, let me know!
Johanna BLANCSwitzerland
Grad Student
Fall 2019
1400Close to campusSingle roomClean, social, fun yet serious and quietHi there! I'm searching for a single room for Fall 2019. I'm majoring in Psychology and will be studying at Berkeley as of August. I come from the University of Geneva, so I speak French. I've lived abroad a few years back, one year in Beijing, China to study Mandarin. I've lived with female and male students, I wish to find a place before arriving at Berkeley.
Jutamont Jacob Chaidejsuriya
Grad Student
Summer<=1500$very close to the campussingle room in an aptclean, respectful, friendly, no smoking
Emine ÖztanerTurkey/IstanbulVisiting Student Fall 2019 - Spring 2020 (01.11.2019-01.09.2020)<$1200In a safe neighbourhood. The place does not have to be so close to the campus.Private room in a shared furnished apartment/house. Preferrably private bathroom.Clean, neat, respectful female.I will be a visiting phd candidate in the history depertment @Berkeley. I am planning to come on November and stay 10 months. Hoping to find a private bedroom in a safe neighbourhood and friendly, respectful housemates. I am clean, organized, friendly, quiet, respectful and funny. I have no pets, do not drink alcohol and do not smoke.
Kaitlyn JacksonUSAM.EngSummer 2019
$1,240North Berkeley private room with private half bath Hi there, I am Kaitlyn! My roommate and I are looking for someone to fill our third bedroom for the summer! Dates somewhat flexibile between June and August! We are super layed back and have a clean and calm living environment! Its an awesome place with lots of natural light and a full deck that gets lots of sun. The place is near the North Campus Gate, about 5 min. walking, so very convenient for UC Berkeley students. Please reach out via email ASAP if interested!
Alex ZilinskasUSA
Graduate Student
Fall 2019-2020
<=1500BerkeleyPrivate room in shared apartment or house with kitchenclean, easy-going, not too noisy, non-smoking, responsible for choresHi everybody, I'm Alex Zilinskas (he/him/his) from Chicago, Illinois and I'm an incoming student for the PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology program. I plan to move into Berkeley sometime in July or August. I like spending my time outdoors and enjoying the weather. I can also be found indoors cooking, listening to music, reading a good book, or just hanging out. If you are interested in being roommates/housemates, please send me an email.
Diego LorenzoUSA
Graduate Student
Fall or<=1200Berkeley or neighboring cityPrivate room in a shared apartmentLaid back, friendly, sociableHello all, I'm Diego. I am from central California, moving up to the Bay Area to start my master's degree in the SEMM program within the Civil Engineering department. I plan on moving at the end of July/beginning of August. I am pretty laid back, I enjoy going to concerts, eating new cuisines, and having drinks from time to time. I would also like to explore outdoor activities around the Bay Area during the weekends/freetime. Feel free to shoot me an email or if you feel more confortable having a phone conversation we can exchange phone numbers via email. Thanks.
Emily GrafUSA
Graduate Student at Department of Anthropology
Fall<=1200Berkeley Private room in a shared apartmentEasygoing, friendly, clean, organized, respectful of shared spacesHi all! I'm currently working in Boston and will be moving to Berkeley in August to start my master's degree in public health. I've been on the East Coast my whole life, so this will be my first time living on the West Coast. I'm very easygoing and would love to find roommates who want to share a relaxing living space. I'm new to the area, so it'd also be great to live with people looking to connect with others in the area. I love going to concerts, playing music, and doing outdoor activities. Feel free to reach out if you think we may be a good fit as roommates!
Kaitlin SlickerUSA
Graduate. PhD
fall<=1400preferably close to campussingle or double in a house/apartmentfriendly, nonsmokerHi, I'm Kaitlin, I'm starting my PhD in chemistry in the fall. I'm from Atlanta and originally from Michigan. I like being outdoors and hanging out. Shoot me an email if you're interested!
Morgan VickersUSALLM student Fall 2019-2020
<=1350Berkeley/Oakland/AlbanyPrivate room in a shared house/apartmentClean, quiet during sleeping hours, friendly, open, laid back, loves a good game night.Hi everyone, I'm Morgan! I'm starting my PhD in (Human) Geography this fall. I currently live in Cincinnati where I work as an editor for a travel magazine, but have moved around a lot: Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Colorado in the past few years. When I'm not studying or working, I love to go on a long run or hike, play a game with a group of friends, try out a new recipe, or go on a road trip. I've spent a good deal of my life on the east coast, so I'm excited to make the Bay Area my home. Feel free to reach out if you're interested in looking for an apartment/house together!
Pravin ChandraUSAM.EngFall 2019-20
Walking distance to campusPrivate room Respectful, quiet, friendly. Love goin out for drinks, love watchin sports.My name is Pravin Chandra; I'm originally from the Bay Area and went to the University of Illinois to get my undergraduate degree. Back in Cali for a year to get my Master's in chemical engineering. If you love watchin/playing sports, going out for drinks, and just chilling I'm your guy. Looking for somewhere as cheap as possible but still walking distance to campus.
Jacob ElafandiUSA
Master's student
Fall<=1600Walking distance to campusPrivate room in shared apartment or houseclean, relaxed, friendly, likes running / climbing / frisbee / other social physical activities, non-smoking, empatheticHey, I'm Jacob from Minnesota! I'm starting my PhD in Mathematics in the fall, and am looking to move to Berkeley in mid-August. I'm an avid runner, rock-climber, pianist, and bookworm. I'm pretty laid-back most of the time, and fancy myself a good conversationalist. I like my space to be tidy and keep up with chores. My other interests include playing games with friends, watching good TV/movies with friends, and cooking.
Allison GarcíaUSA
Graduate Student
Fall 2019 onward
<=1200BerkeleyPrivate room in a shared apartmentrespectful of shared spaces, friendlyI'm Allison, starting PhD in German Fall 2019. Lookign for a private room in a shared apartment (don't mind have many housemates). Would like to stay as close to Berkeley as possible. I usually study in libraries, so I'm only home at night. I'm planning on moving to Berkeley in August.
David GarciaUSA
Graduate. MUD
Fall 2019 (August to December)
<=1300Anywhere is goodPrivate single room in a shared apartmentClean, relaxed, fair, empathetic, open. Hey, my name is David and I am an incoming grad student in the Master of City Planning Program in the College of Environmental Design. I am excited to be starting up this program and moving back to Calfornia after 14 years living all over the USA, Chile and Mexico. I currently live in Mexico City, where I work in social innovation consulting. I am a very organized person when it comes to space, and really love making wherever I am feel like home. I love houseplants, cooking, and exploring cities. While I like to keep my space as comfortable as possible, I definitely prefer to be out and about in the city or at school.

I also am married and my husband Miguel will join me in December 2019.
Alicia MoreiraUSA
Graduate Student
Fall 2019 - 2020
<=$1500North Oakland / near BART and busPrivate room in shared apartment or houseclean, fun, easy-goingHey I'm Alicia! Entering first year of Master of Architecture program at Cal this fall. Coming from Baltimore, Maryland / DC area!
Sorathan (Mike) Munckong
Graduate Student
Fall 2019 - 2020
<=1300Berkeley (Northside)Private furnished room in shared apartment or house with kitchen Clean, friendly, easy-going, not too noisy, responsible with chores, foodie, no smokingHey everyone, I'm Mike from Long Beach, California. I'll be in the Bioengineering M.Eng. program this fall, and I'm looking to move up to Berkeley at the start of August. I'm a huge foodie, really into photography, and enjoying good weather. I'm also a fan of anime and video games, especially on the Switch. Very tidy, a morning person and I like to cook. Yes
Sean HuangUSAGradFall$1025 + UtilitiesNorthside (5 min walking distance to campus)Shared Doublenon-smoking, cleanI am an EECS PhD Student looking for a male roommate to fill a spot in a shared double in Northside, very close to campus! The room is quite large and has more than enough space for two beds and desks. We have a living room furnished with a dining table and couch, a fully furnished kitchen, and laundry in-building. The room comes with a 3-drawer dresser and a shared walk-in closet. All you'll have to bring is a bed and a desk and you're set!
Alex ChoiUSAPhD StudentFall<1400North or West Berkeley Single or double room in a shared apartmentClean, quiet, morning personI am an incoming PhD student in Chemistry. I am 23 yrs old and from Atlanta, GA. I am currently living in Berkeley, but am looking for a place for the next 9 months. I am pretty clean and accommadating. I am looking for an apartment that starts in mid-August. Some of my hobbies include running, cooking and occasionally drinking and going out. Feel free to email me if you would be interested in rooming with me.
Lydia ZhangUSA
Undergraduate Student
August 2019 and beyondlhzhang@berkeley.edu1200-1350North Berkeley Single room in 2 bdrm or 3 bdrmcommunicative, has been out of school or has been working for a few years, quiet for the most part, not lazy with chores, chill/laid back, considerateHi! I'm from Claremont California and will be starting my PhD in Toxicology. I'm hoping to find something in north berkeley or central berkeley but within 20 min walking (max) to campus. I'd like to be somewhere safe and quiet. I prioritize good lighting but its not a dealbreaker! A good size kitchen/dining is also nice. My hobbies include illustration, crafts, working out, trying new food/dessert places, reading, and trying new things! I don't really drink or smoke and hope the home can be a quiet, peaceful place to go back to. Occasional small get-togethers and hang outs are fine!
Melrose HuangUSA
Grad Student
Academic year 2018-20
<=1000Berkeley, Oakland, Emeryville (within ~15-20 minutes driving distance although walking distance is preferable)Single roomKind and friendly; laid-back; responsible to a reasonable extent (e.g., pays rent on time)Hi, I'm Melrose. I'll be starting the MIMS program in late August but am hoping to secure housing by the month of July. I'm laid-back, quiet, clean (at least in the common areas--my room goes through cycles :) ), and an ambivert. I enjoy hanging out with friends, traveling, and live music. Bonus points if you watch RPDR or Parks & Rec.
Shaun MoncadaUSA
Graduate Student
<=110015-30 min. drive from BerkeleySingle/shared room in an apartmentClean, Friendly, RespectfulMy name is Shaun Moncada, and I will be attending Berkeley's MPH Program this upcoming Fall. I try to be as clean and tidy as much as possible, and would greatly prefer a roommate with those same characteristics. I enjoy the outdoors, and am always willing to try new things. Please feel free to reach out!
Colin HowellUSA/UKPhD StudentFall 2019 -<=$1500
Probably Berkeley? Somewhere close(ish)
Private room in shared apartment or houseEasy-going, relatively clean/responsible. Ideally open to long talks, chill nights in, OR fun nights out (all 3 would be a bonus)Hey everyone, I'm Colin, I was born in London but raised in Ohio, and I'm an incoming grad student in the Chemistry PhD program. I love travel, music, exploring the outdoors, eating good food, and meeting new people. Reach out if you'd be interested in living together, or if you just want to know more about me first! Open to roommates of any gender/identity.
Sarah BuiVietnamPostgraduateSpring 2019nguyenbui@berkeley.edu1370Northsidesingle room in aptclean, respectful, friendly, no smoking, no partyHello, my four bedroom two bathrooms duplex have an vacant single bedroom available for rent. We are looking for a female housemate to share this sunlit beautiful duplex with. We have spacious living room and kitchen. We even have a parking space. We love to decorate the place and keep it nice and neat. We love to eat together and have movie nights in the weekend.
Truyen LeVietnamUndFall 2019 -<1000Somewhere within biking distancePrivate furnished room in shared apartment or houseClean, Friendly, easy-going, considerate, not too noisyHi, I'm Truyen from Viet Nam. I'm a chemical engineering graduate from University of Minnesota, and I will be attending UCB this fall for my master in Product Development. I'm a big nerd and foodie myself. I enjoy playing all kinds of games from video game, boardgames, etc, and I also love soccer.
We know that moving off-campus can be challenging and we would like to help! This is a space for you to find your potential new roommate. If you have a space and are looking for a roommate, please briefly describe the type of roommate that you are looking for and leave your contact information. If you are looking to rent a room, review the info provided and reach out if you are interested. Please continue the conversation through email and indicate on the sheet if you have found a roommate.
Tamanna Urmi
Academic year 2019-2020
Within 10 minute walk or 10 minute public transport
Single room in shared apartmentClean, friendly, artistic, mostly quiet, no pet, no smokingHi, Cooking, Hiking, making stuff, singing and watching documentaries are my current favorites. Usually I keep to myself and work, preferably in communal space. I have lived in many kinds of settings and is quite adaptable to cultures. I can manage a house - groceries, cleaning and security well. I also love to keep the house as homely as possible. Partying late is not my thing except for particular occassions. Please hit me up with an email if you want to live with me!