DiRT Metadata Guidelines
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Field LabelObligation (Required, Recommended or Optional)Option to enter multiple values?Data Entry Guidelines
NameRequiredNoCheck for existing or duplicate entries. Use the name as it appears on the tool's homepage. Eliminate uneccessary articles (a, an, the) that precede the name. If an acronym is also used on the homepage it can be included in parenthesis after the full name of the tool.
ReviewedRequiredN/AFor DiRT editors. Check this box when you're done reviewing and editing the metadata on this tool. For internal workflow purposes, to differentiate tool profiles that editors have already checked.
StatusRequiredNoSelect one option from the list provided: In development, Beta, Active, or No longer supported. It should be "Active" unless information on the website indicates otherwise. If the website is down and you can't find a live version of it at another URL, the tool should be marked "No longer supported". If additional statuses are needed (e.g. "no longer relevant"), email Quinn.
WebpageRequiredNoEnter the URL for the tool's homepage starting with http://
PlatformRequiredYesSelect all that apply: Windows, Mac, Linux, Web-based, Android, iOS or Other. "Mac", "Windows", "Linux", "Android", and "iOS" are for software that a user downloads and installs. If it runs in a browser, choose "Web-based" (even if it can run in an off-line mode).
DeveloperRequired if the information is availableYesEnter the name of the person(s) or institution(s) primarily responsible for the tool's development. Enter personal names in direct order (e.g. James McCallum). Acronyms may be used but should also be spelled out. Multiple entries can be added as a comma-separated list. For instance, if a tool is a joint project of CHNM and MITH, enter: CHNM, Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media, MITH, Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities.
Funding source(s)Required if the information is availableYesSelect or enter the name of the foundations, organizations, or other sources of funding for the tool. Multiple entries can be added as a comma-separated list (e.g. Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, National Endowment for the Humanities).
CostRequired if the information is availableYesSelect as many options as applicable from the list provided: Free, Paid, or Other. (For instance, if a tool has a paid and a free version, choose both.)
Cost bracketRequired if the information is availableYesApplicable only if Cost = Paid. Select one or more options from the list provided: < $10, < $100, > $100. (For instance, if a tool has a < $10 version and a < $100 version, choose both.)
Licensing optionsRequired if the information is availableYesSelect all that apply from the following options: Educational discount, Free trial, Group license, Site license, Student license, Teacher license. This field (not to be confused with "Code license") refers to discounts or other options (e.g. free trial) for a user who wishes to purchase a license. Only applies to paid software.
TaDiRAH goals & methodsRequiredYesWhat goals can be achieved using this tool? Through which methods? From the options provided, using the control key, select BOTH the "method" and it's corresponding "goal". Please make sure your choices reflect the TaDiRAH Goals/Methods hierarchy as it appears in the picklist. For example, a plain text editor would be tagged with "Creation" (goal) and "- Writing" (one of the methods that falls under Creation)".
TaDiRAH research objectsRequired if applicableYesWhat types of objects does this tool work on? Select from the existing list using autocomplete. You may also add new terms, but please only do so if no existing terms can be used to describe the same object. Continuing with the example above, a plain text editor could be tagged with "Text" and "Code". (To view the full list of existing terms see http://tadirah.dariah.eu/vocab/index.php?tema=55)
TaDiRAH techniquesRequired if applicableYesTechniques describe how the tool accomplishes the TaDiRAH goals/methods you have indicated. (e.g. the "Capture" goal with the "Gathering" method could use the technique "Web Crawling".) Select from existing terms using autocomplete, or add your own terms. Continuing with the example above, a plain text editor could be tagged with "Encoding". (To view the full list of existing terms see http://tadirah.dariah.eu/vocab/index.php?tema=92. Terms following the ">" indicate associated methods.)
Code licenseRequired if the information is availableNoIs the source code for this tool available under an open source license? If the source code is not freely available, choose "Closed source". Otherwise, choose "Open source". If you can identify what license the code is available under (e.g. Apache License, BSD, etc), select the specific license, too.
DescriptionRecommendedN/AProvide a brief description of the tool including it's primary purpose, most important features, functionality, outputs, etc. Include information that's not provided elsewhere in the profile.
Good for beginnersOptionalN/AIf, to the best of your knowledge you think the tool is good for beginners - check the box.
Depends onRequired if the information is availableYesIf this is a browser plugin, a Wordpress plugin, an add-on to another tool, or software that lets you upload/browse cloud-hosted content (like on Flickr) then enter a comma-separated list of the tools/resources/services that it depends on. (e.g. Firefox, Chrome).
TagsOptionalYesEnter a comma-separated list of descriptive tags to help others find this tool. Select from existing terms using auto-complete, or add your own terms.
ScreenshotRecommendedN/ASelect a file to upload. Files must be less than 100 MB. Allowed file types: png, gif, jpg, jpeg.
CategoriesOptionalYesGo to "legacy fields" tab. This is the legacy DiRT category that the tool/resource belongs to. To select more than one category, hold down the Ctrl key.
TAPoRRequired if the information is availableNoGo to "other directories" tab. Check the TAPoR site for a related entry at http://www.tapor.ca/ Enter the URL starting with http://
SaveSelect save when you are finished editing.
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