Copy of LLP Spring 2018 Application (Responses)
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TimestampEmail addressYour NameYour Email AddressLinkedIn ProfileYour SchoolIf you do have a start up idea, please describe it here in 2 sentences. What's your background? What skills do you want to bring to a teamAre you looking for a specific skill to add to your team? Describe it hereWhat technologies are you particularly interested in or engaged with?Do you have teammates already? If so, please enter their names below.
11/09/2017 19:38:13idodeutsch@berkeley.eduIdo DeutschIdodeutsch@berkeley.edu studentGSI Lean Launch PadEntrepreneurship, marketing, Business developmentTechnicalAI and machine learningLuigi Rodrigues
12/09/2017 22:04:19luigi_uliana@berkeley.eduLuigi Uliana Rodriguesluigi_uliana@berkeley.edu studentGSI
13/09/2017 18:50:15abakalov@berkeley.eduAtanas Bakalov
MBA studentAn online platform for video book summaries prepared by the actual book authors. The intended focus is on best-selling business and trade publications.I have about ten years of experience in the education sector, starting with teaching and transitioning to for-profit startups in international education and ed tech.

I was lucky to be a ground-floor member of an Inc. 500 startup, where I did lots of cold calling and business development, which eventually evolved into sales team management. There, I also served in an intrapreneurial role, leading a team with a $1M budget in the US and China.

Also relevant are my skills in film production. I have significant film training and experience producing/directing short films.

Most recently, I have continued to do customer-facing work in sales and customer success at a SaaS startup in the media and ed tech space.
We would love to find team members with complementary skill sets (specifically, software engineering, product or project management, and digital marketing). However, we are open to hearing from anyone who is enthusiastic about education and online learning.I see technology as a means for improving human lives, serving customers more effectively, and achieving scalable social impact quicker. I am particularly interested in e-learning and the promise of personalized education (powered by technologies such as machine learning). I am deeply familiar with traditional and cloud-based video editing software, marketing automation systems, and sales CRMs. For what it's worth, I have also been involved with AR/VR projects and know the basics of 3D modeling.Patrick O'Neill:
17/09/2017 20:42:40jordan_sale@berkeley.eduJordan Salejordan_sale@berkeley.edu studentOffice buildings, restaurants, schools, and religious institutions are empty roughly 50% of the day. I'd like to figure out how to monetize more efficient space utilization. (Think using a synagogue as a homeless shelter, etc.)I have a background in digital marketing (most recently at a fintech startup). Since I joined the company when there were just 10 employees I also have experience in operations, logistics, product management, and strategy.A few different skills I believe would be useful initially: 1. front-end dev 2. partnership creation & sales 3. finance / excel modelingI'm definitely interested in thinking about how machine learning would be useful for creating better space utilization, especially in heavily dense areas.
17/09/2017 21:18:20rahul_tibrewal@berkeley.eduRahul studentI am a trained electronics & telecommunication engineer and have nearly five years of experience building industry-leading network management & software-defined networking web applications for Cisco.

In recent years, I have transitioned to a program management role at Cisco, helping it builds its intrapreneurial ecosystem.

My primary interest is in smart cities technologies.
Legal, Core EngineeringI am interested in (and engaged with a few) smart city-enablers - internet of things, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and other information & communication technologies.
MBA studentMy background is in economics and finance, more recently I have started my own real estate investment and development company, and have experience managing teams while working as a private consultant in the oil and gas industry. I have a strong skill set in financial modelling and market analysis, strategy and asset valuation. I have the ability to understand and interpret market dynamics and can always find the commercial relevance in situations. Most of all I can think laterally about issues and am very good at solving problems. I am also a very determined person so you will have my full energy, commitment and support. I have also advised a start-up from conception to a revenue generating business.I am hoping to join a teamI would like to explore ideas in computing, agricultural technology and biotechnology
18/09/2017 11:16:51kcloder@berkeley.eduKC Loderkc_loder@mba.berkeley.edu studentHealthcare and Management consulting, specialized in corporate startups and design thinking.AR, Software
18/09/2017 16:10:07catherine_chuter@berkeley.eduCatherine studentAt allo, we believe that children benefit from being raised in strong communities of friends and neighbors and that it is becoming increasingly difficult for families to foster such an environment in our ever-fragmented offline lives, despite our ever-connected online networks. allo is an app that aims to reinforce a sense of community in urban settings by giving neighborhood networks of parents and their friends and families a simple way to connect, meet-up, and respond to each other's babysitting and carpooling needs.Product Marketing, Brand Strategy, and Design-ThinkingExperience with app development and/or building online networksThe power of online networks, easy-to-use apps, clinically valid wearables Yes, John Chuter, a Stanford undergrad, has worked to develop the app thus far.
18/09/2017 17:07:46wangl@berkeley.eduLiyu Wangwangl@berkeley.edu grad studentDigital eternity for ourselves and loved ones. Get digital traces of one's life from online and offline sources, arrange and organize them, and sell them as a package.Lean Launchpad Alumni Spring 2016. EE BEng, BME MSc, ME DrSc, EECS Postdoc. Publisher of a book, 25+ technical papers, 20+ newspaper articles. Former sales manager for a medical engineering, in-person interviewGrab information from social media lawfullyNo
19/09/2017 10:26:54surya@berkeley.eduSurya Sendylsurya@berkeley.edu
Non-EECS grad student
Let's bring software to farmer's markets. Create a marketplace where users can order and reserve goods from online, see analytics on what foods are good that week, see vendor rankings, pricing, see carbon footprint with gaming system with rewards for less carbon footprint, offer recipes based on what food they buy etc.Startup experience at YC and Sequoia backed companies. Product Management, Data Science. Technical, DesignMachine learningNo
19/09/2017 11:25:41
Eduardo Camargoeduardo_camargo@berkeley.edu studentProvide microfinance solutions to micro and small companies in BrazilYears of experience in Venture Capital and then CFO of a startup for 3 years. Worked also with microfinance in one of Latin America´s largest commercial banks (Itaú Unibanco). I bring financial and general management skills and knowledge of the local market.I need someone with technical background on mobile applications, machine learning or database management. I also need someone with marketing experience, experienced with customer acquisition tacticsMobile applications, machine learning techniques for credit rating, database management.Not yet
19/09/2017 14:15:29harsha_nagaraju@berkeley.eduHarsha MBA studentNo I don't have an idea today but want to be part of a team preferably in the IOT spaceI am an experienced business manager with stints in product management, marketing and strategy in tech firms. Please see my LinkedIn profile Strategy, Product marketing, business development. Big picture guy with attention to details and passion to grow the idea/business Neural networks, system design(processors, memory), C, C++No
19/09/2017 18:58:11hytiroglou.d@berkeley.eduDimitris
Non-EECS grad student
Background: Consulting, Skills: product management and data scienceFintech, IoT, civic engagementNot yet
19/09/2017 22:17:03shom_gupta@berkeley.eduShom Guptashom_gupta@berkeley.edu studentNot a particular idea yet but interested in several Food Industry topic. 1. Commercializing sustainable food 2. Reducing / re-purposing food waste. 3. Launching targeted food service concepts for Berkeley student community.Ex-Management Consultant and also Online Food Retail Merchandising Manager. Specific skills: Strategic product management, Vendor relationships / negotiations, customer discovery, pricing & promotions strategy, Product sourcing / development, E-commerce consumer shopping insights, Excel modeling, Strong written and verbal communication skills.Interest in food industry. Nice to have: some experience with food supply chain, restaurant ops, food retail etc. Other skills we need: working through legal / regulatory angle for food businesses.Virtual Reality
19/09/2017 23:51:37luca.cosentino@berkeley.eduLuca Cosentinoluca.cosentino@berkeley.edu studentHelp students/millennials invest the money they would spend in useless or compulsive purchasesConsumer analytics and go to market strategy in tech (Google)Technical / FinanceFinTech, Blockchain, Machine Learning, AI
20/09/2017 00:25:24npathak@berkeley.eduNisha Pathaknpathak@berkeley.edu
Non-EECS grad student
I bring experience: I've worked in a startup before, I worked in Uber's Innovation Lab this summer and I also bring a strong design, UX, and UI skill set.AR, VR, mobile
20/09/2017 11:05:42matthew_bond@berkeley.eduMatthew
MBA studentEnable companies to manage working capital more efficiently through a platform which will use ML & AI to make predictions about where they should sell liquidity to reinvest more productively in core operations. The predictions will take automatically factor in prices from an associated marketplace where all types of investor can trade. Blockchain technology could be used to keep track of receivables through time are they are traded between participants. There will also be a strong element of credit pricing involved to manage default risk.Mathematics, some of knowledge of computer programming, quantitative trading at hedge fund in credit markets, strong understanding of accounting, finance, and business.1 x Product Manager, 1-2 x Programmers (or 1 x Engineer)ML, AI, Blockchain
20/09/2017 11:26:36niketmehta@berkeley.eduNiket Mehtaniketmehta@berkeley.edi studentLocation based Holographic Assistants - to help with activities like grocery shopping/malls, or guided tour experiences with a Virtual holographic guide in places like museums/tourist locations . Hardware Engineer working on Microsoft AR platform HoloLens, and pursuing an MBA at HAASEngineers with some hands on experience with Unity EngineAugmented and Mixed reality ( AR/MR )No
20/09/2017 17:33:53mkaushik@berkeley.eduMayank
MBA studentIoT platform for monitoring/debugging/crash analysis of clusters of GPUs/CPUs/accelerators in the datacenter.MBA student with a background in Deep Learning, High Performance Computing, Distributed Software and Embedded SystemsEngineering, Sales and BizDevIoT, datacenters, Deep Learning, Distributed SystemsNandita Pady, MBA Student
21/09/2017 10:43:26hien_nguyen@berkeley.eduSunny (Hien Nguyen)hien_nguyen@berkeley.eduWe are all students and we have to READ A LOT! I want to build a document summary tool automated by machine learning to help students reduce their preparation time, increase efficiency and productivity. Applications will be cases, books, research journals etc. Product management, product marketing, research, marketing strategies (consumer-facing products)Technical (AI, machine learning). Experience in education.Machine learning technique like NLPNot yet
21/09/2017 19:47:37darwin_arifin@berkeley.eduDarwin Arifindarwin_arifin@mba.berkeley.edu studentCurrent FT MBA student, PhD in Chemical Engineering, Material Science, Process EngineeringHardware, Software, AI
24/09/2017 08:59:24viram.shah@berkeley.eduViram Shahviram.shah@mba.berkeley.edu studentUse machine learning and AI to help companies automate their behavioral interview process allowing interviewers to save time and avoid biasElectronics and Telecom engineer (some knowledge of programming), investment banking experience, most recently worked for the family business and a fintech startupTechnical and Design backgroundsMachine Learning, Big Data and AIGene Lee
24/09/2017 13:37:18gene_lee@berkeley.eduGene Leegene_lee@berkeley.edu studentTo enhance the life of Berkeley community members by providing on-demand laundry service. Our goal is to successfully service the 40,000 students in Berkeley and then expand to other schools.A corporate attorney with more than six years of legal practice. Strong background on corporate governance and M&A. Also, served in the Korean Air Force as a judge advocate for three years and have a strength in people management.Looking for a person who could fill in the technical function of the business idea. Since the idea is to build a mobile platform, mobile developers are most needed.Mobile applicationViram Shah
24/09/2017 15:31:40robert_moore@berkeley.eduRobert Moorerobert_moore@berkeley.edu studentOnline tooling helping independent investors understand and analyze their portfolios.LAUNCH accelerator co-chair - have seen startups go through LLP methodology, now want to experience it myself. Leadership & management, financial analysis, operations.Web development, financial modeling, financial law and regulationMachine learning, AI
Pradeep Chalicheemala
pradeepc@berkeley.edu studentQR Codes on Dining tables - to improve restaurant dining experience. Interact with restaurant staff, dining history, Entree' recommendation engineProduct Management, Hardware Design, Limited SW Coding.Open for discussionMobile Apps, Tourism, RestaurantsNo
25/09/2017 16:44:23elan_tye@berkeley.eduElan Tyeelan_tye@berkeley.edy studentstrategy consulting, deep health industry experience, human-centered design (customer research), health policy - would pair well with technical / engineering teammatesprecision medicine, digital health, telehealth, genomicsNo
25/09/2017 16:48:12maryli_cheng@berkeley.eduMaryli studentRe-purposing wasted juice pulp into dog biscuits and potentially dog food as well. Open to other ideas as well. Ex-Management Consultant with a background in early-stage startups, retail, and healthcare. Project experience in go-to-market strategy, business development, pricing, and operating model designFood AR/VR, traveltech
25/09/2017 22:45:18khalid_alali@berkeley.eduKhalid Alalikhalid_alali@mba.berkeley.edu studentJack of all trades. Strategy, modelling, operations, sales/bizdev. Marketplaces
25/09/2017 23:31:04nechaeva@berkeley.eduJulia Nechaievanechaeva@berkeley.edu studentClosing information gap for people entering new industry or profession by helping professional education students (who don't have neither CMG nor network) to get informational interviews with people (insiders) from their target industry. Customers pay for the insiders' time, get help with guiding interviews and matching with insiders with similar professional story .I have 5+ years of experience in leading tech product development from customer interviews and market research to UX and software architecture design. I've launched internet-services for 5M+ audience, online game publishing platform, and mobile apps for kids. I embodied my passion to helping people get into new profession by launching educational and internship programs in 2 companies. Experience in working with high and professional education in the US (business development), marketing, knowledge in psychology or HR, UX and UI design, prototypingVoice recognition (for analyzing interviews)
25/09/2017 23:52:44hkt@berkeley.eduJulia Taylorjuliaheng@gmail.com spaces are essentially best product placement avenues. Guests are looking for unique experiences and are essentially captive audiences for the time they are there. I want to build a marketplace that curates art/decor from artisans around the world, matches them with Airbnb spaces with the same "personality" (machine learning part). Artists get new sales channels and hosts get passive income when guests purchase through their referral link.Airbnb Superhost. Electrical & Computer Engineering undergrad and investment analyst by profession. Experienced in startups and financial modeling. Experience in building/scaling marketplaces. Machine learning - the marketplace only thrives when there is a good recommendation algorithm that matches artisans to hosts such that products actually sell. Interested in AI, Machine Learning.
26/09/2017 00:08:45maitreya_patel@berkeley.eduMaitreya
Non-EECS grad student
No particular idea yet, but willing to join someone who already has an idea. Also I'm willing to brainstorm ideas as a group.Product Design and Design Thinking (Building a product/service to solve customer needs requires an insight on how the customers think and feel about their perceived needs.) Performing research and analysis of customer needs and coming up with innovative solutions to them. Mechanical Design softwares and/or data analysis tools.N.A
26/09/2017 06:38:20carmen_maxim@berkeley.eduCarmen
MBA studentImegiNex (VR product) - Problem that I am trying to solve: users find it hard to use watches because the screen are very small. Also open to join another team.Computer science currently working as a PM in a Machine Learning platform.Engineering, entrepreneurship experience.Virtual Reality, Machine Learning. Open to other tech.No. I am looking either to form a team or join another team.
26/09/2017 12:04:21a.santos@berkeley.eduAlfredo
MBA studentMy background is in consumer products, specifically in the juvenile industry. I have been designing and engineering baby strollers for the last 6 years. I've shepherded products from early need finding/concept generation/ideation phases all the way through engineering and design for mass production in South East China.3D Printing/AR/VR
26/09/2017 12:23:36dpherigo@berkeley.eduDamian Pherigo
MBA studentAfter market hardware and software solutions for making normal cars "smarter" Mechanical Engineering, Google Maps Product Support Manager, Project Product Management, ManagementFull stack developers, electrical engineers, optical engineer, machine vision engineersMachine vision/ML generally, Mobile Apps, hardware No
26/09/2017 16:54:16simrat_wason@berkeley.eduSimrat Wasonsimrat_wason@berkeley.edu studentMarketplace for artists to rent their art and benefit from this new revenue creation opportunity. The business model will be similar to Uber/AirBnB/etc. where we will need to create demand and also make sure to have the supply to match. I see it as an interesting problem to get answers to by using the lean launchpad method. (Also happy to talk to other teams with diff. ideas) Engineering & Product Design (6 years at Apple in the iOS team); Finance & Strategy (Tech M&A Investment Banking); Love innovation; Creative thinker and a Team player Would love to get in touch with folks with similar interests, looking to solve big problems through the process of discovery. Also, happy to connect with other teams pursuing different project ideas. Please feel free to drop a note! Data Analytics, AI, Machine Learning/Big data, AR/VR, Mobile Not yet
27/09/2017 00:04:07bir_singh@berkeley.eduBirinder Singh Bhatiabir_singh@berkeley.edu
Non-EECS grad student
I have 4+ yrs of professional experience working as QA engineer for Accenture and Adobe and have acquired numerous technical skill - programming in Java, python, SQl as well as management skill of leading a teamTechnical plus managerial capabilities I am particularly interested in big data technologies and have started developing the skillNo
27/09/2017 01:17:01samik@berkeley.eduSamik Bhowalsamik@berkeley.edu studentBlue Apron for make-up! The make-up industry is a $32B recession proof industry. There are many women out there who stay away from make-up because they lack the skills, motivation or the knowledge of what make-up to buy. We plan to make this process simple by curating in a box all the products you need to put on a face. I have extensive experience in creating rich interactive experiences during my career at games. I also have online retail experience through my employment with Amazon. I bring skills such as software engineering, product development, and e-commerce experience to a team.Make-up/Fashion domain expertise, Operations, Customer/Relationship ManagementWeb DevelopmentYes. Candice Knoll
27/09/2017 09:41:36radhas@berkeley.eduRadha Selvarajradhas@berkeley.edu studentInformation systems architecture, Market research, Analytical skills, Project ManagementCloud services, AI, ML, Big data, Data analytics
27/09/2017 11:53:16srinivas.rajamani@berkeley.eduSrinivas Rajamani studentCreate a platform to cut out realtors from the used home buying/selling processEngineering, market research, product marketing, business strategyReal estate industry experience, software engineering VR, ML
28/09/2017 17:34:01candice_knoll@berkeley.eduCandice Madruga Knollcandice_knoll@berkeley.edu studentCreate easy-to-follow, short and comprehensive makeup tutorials and pair them with a curated kit containing the makeup samples necessary to complete each look. Subscribers can receive these kits at home and follow the short tutorials, saving them time and money and allowing them to incorporate a beauty routine into their busy lives.Marketing, Communications, Investor Relations, Graphic Design and Branding.Beauty Industry,Finance, User Experience, Data Analyses, OperationsWeb DevelopmentSamik Bhowal
28/09/2017 22:38:43
Kyohei MukaigawaKyohei_mukaigawa@berkeley.edu studentShared bike business using GPS data of human movements in the cityBuy side investment manager in water/wastewater arena, VC(industrial IoT and Enterprise SaaS). Would bring business expertise in general. Computer science EngineerShared Economy, Data science
29/09/2017 11:00:17monicaballus@berkeley.eduMonica Ballusmonicaballus@berkeley.edu studentWaze for safety. Using a report app to create a heatmap of safety-related incidents in a city that can be taken into account when computing itineraries. Making travelling in "dangerous" places safer for everyone !Entrepreneursip and international business development (Brazil/France) in engineering-focused companies. I have technical background with hands on management skills mainly focused on operations.CS/Data analytics skills to develop the platforms. Someone with stragegy/VC/investment knowledge to co-lead with me. Sports business, Traveltech.No
29/09/2017 11:04:36monicaballus@berkeley.eduMonica Ballusmonicaballus@gmail.com studentInvestment platform on young athletes that want to turn pro and lack of funds. Return would be on future returns and successful "exits" when the athletes get large sponsorship contracts etc.Huge sports fan, good connections in sports industry. Entrepreneursip and international business development (Brazil/France) in engineering-focused companies. I have technical background with hands on management skills mainly focused on operations.Data Scientist for analytics, CS for platform development and strategy/marketing skills.Sports tech, travel tech, travel industryNo
29/09/2017 14:40:09r_bommavaram@berkeley.eduRam Bommavaramr_bommavaram@berkeley.edu studentNetwork level pavement/roadway management using machine-learning based image processing and other deep learning techniques.Transportation Engineer working CA Dept. of Transportation. Skills: Pavement/Roadway Engineering, Project ManagementMachine Learning, Image ProcessingMachine Learning and Image Processing
30/09/2017 15:45:082bethere@berkeley.eduWill Xu2bethere@berkeley.edu studentGoogle assistant for day-to-day business operation questionsProduct management, big data, coding and MBAEngineering, Design and MarketingAI, Machine learning, Computer vision and big data
01/10/2017 09:26:57prashant_verma@berkeley.eduPrashant Verma studentCreate a world where education is free. An online delivery medium with a business model to fund the school.Software pro with 21 successful product - a software architect, software engineer, and a software engineering managerIt's great if you know software, UI, UX, etc. If not, we will learn together. Only thing needed is your passion to change the world.ML, AI, Mobile programming, API development
01/10/2017 15:19:06georgi@berkeley.eduGeorgi Putrageorgi@berkeley.edu
Non-EECS grad student
Motion Sensors and IoT to help construction project to save million/billion dollar over-budgeting due to delays and reworks. (Market Validation and product development is currently underway under different course with supervision of Sutardja Center of Entrepreneurship Professors).Currently running construction-tech startup (Software) based in Indonesia. Master's student in (Civil) Engineering & Project Management; Bachelor's in Civil and environmental Engineering; Construction industry expertise, business, and market knowledge.Front-end/Back-end Programming, Electrical Engineering, Business Administration, open for other skills. Motion Sensors, IoT, Mobile App and Web-based product
01/10/2017 16:23:16devin_huang@berkeley.eduDevin Huangdevin_huang@berkeley.edu
Non-EECS grad student
I am a premed student that has transitioned into UX/UI design. I am focused on discovering user needs, finding solutions, and designing for them.I am looking to join a team that has a developer.Any applications, VR, AR, and other ideas. I am very opening to working with different technologies.
02/10/2017 11:10:56bkelly14@berkeley.eduBrett Kellybkelly14@berkeley.edi
Non-EECS grad student
My Idea is to commercialize my PhD research on the development of a novel Advanced Manufacturing/3D printing method. The method we have developed prints entire polymer parts at once, 10-100x faster than current 3D printing methods and without the need for support material.I am a Mechanical Engineer with a Bachelor's degree from Cornell University, a Master's from UC Berkeley, and soon a PhD from UC Berkeley. I bring the technical knowledge on the technology and the ability to adapt the technology toward market needs as identified by the team.I'm looking for Business students to take the lead on assessing potential markets, gathering customer feedback, and developing a business model while I focus on developing/adapting the technology to meet identified needsAdditive Manufacturing/3D Printing, Compuational Imaging/Computer Graphics.I am working with one recent Berkeley PhD graduate who will serve as an external advisor for the class. His name is Indrasen Bhattacharya
02/10/2017 13:27:46jeffreywebb@berkeley.eduJeffrey Webbjeffreywebb@berkeley.edu studentNo spin media company built around delivering ONLY essential and trustworthy information in convenient formats. MVP will focus around text based once-a-day updates targeted towards older users who are uncomfortable with digital channels. I spent five years at Google in digital marketing, including two years on our Elections business. I interned this past summer at a media company in DC. I have a deep understanding of media business challenges and the media landscape. I can handle sales/biz dev, market research, financial modeling. Data science, UX, Web development, graphic designSMS, telecom oriented enterprise softwareNo
04/10/2017 08:12:44yvener_petit@berkeley.eduYvener PetitYvener_Petit@berkeley.edu student
A platform dedicated to bridging the gap in online retail by providing customers with timely access to companies and products from communities of color.
Former CPA - skilled in finance and accounting - who has recently transitioned into the area of management consulting specializing in growth strategy.
E-Commerce/Retail Expert, Back-End Developer, and Front-End Developer
Web development associated with e-commerce or online market places
04/10/2017 10:26:17gaurav_tyagi@berkeley.eduGaurav Tyagigaurav_tyagi@berkeley.edu student
1. Relief from back pain due to mattress. 2. Reduce traffic, pollution, fuel cost, # of accidents by increasing the work-from-home rate from 6% to 30%.
HealthCare IT Consulting, Data Analytics, Strategy
App Developer, AR/VR, IOT AR/VR, IOTNo
04/10/2017 15:41:31
not updated...
MBA student
I have an idea, but I'm also flexible to work on other people ideas (as long as they're a passionate bunch of people!!:).
Idea: everyone needs a support network to solve problems (big or small); what can help to disadvantged kids / kids living in developped countries is an app that allows them to be matched with a mentor that can provide advice on various questions (career / academic / social life related questions)
Before coming to business school I worked for a startup: for them I developed product concept and launched online sales channel. Before I was a consultant at McKinsey for 3 years where I leveled up problem solving, structuring, and analytical skills, and gained experience in marketing and bus management. I've got two MSc in Finance and Financial Economics.
Technologies - AR / VR , CGI softwares; topics& areas I care about - empowering young people
04/10/2017 20:16:45yan_zeng@berkeley.eduYan Zengyan_zeng@berkeley.edu student
7-year professional experience in FinTech space related to lending, payment, and overall industry knowledge. Solid quantitative background and academic research level training in statistics and industrial engineering; plus general coding technique in data science area.
fintech space, in particular related to payment
04/10/2017 21:36:36yogesh.soni@berkeley.eduYogesh Soniyogesh.soni@berkeley.edu student
Small to medium sized Transportation carriers are struggling, with razor-thin margins due to rising fuel-costs, new government regulations, driver attrition, and other inefficiencies like theft/accidents. Help the carriers to be more dependable and efficient, while offering better/safer working conditions for the drivers.
Spent a decade architecting and writing software. Living and breathing products for the past 3 years. I bring in the customer's perspective as a full-time product manager.
I would love a hacker and a sales person in the team.
Blockchain and Internet of Things.Trying to form a team.
05/10/2017 13:45:52yuting_zhan@berkeley.eduYuting Zhanyuting_zhan@berkeley.edu
Non-EECS grad student
No specific ideas
My major is Mechanical Engineering and concentration is Product Design. Product Design course teach me a lot on how to generate ideas and know customers' need. I think that kind of knowledge would be helpful in a startups team.
Someone who are good at coding and someone who are MBA students
Product Development and marketingNo
06/10/2017 10:42:16pradeep.khanal@berkeley.eduPradeep Khanalpradeep.khanal@berkeley.edu student
Improve Travel experiences by providing opportunities to be with the locals. I have some ideas but not yet sure if they are scalable. Open to working on other startup idea, as well.
Engineer by profession, Avid Traveler, Early adopter and believer in Sharing Economy, Leadership experience in non-profit sector.
Marketing, Product DesignApp developmentNo
08/10/2017 20:42:24bconry@berkeley.eduBill Conrybconry@berkeley.edu student
A portable, rent-able breast pumping suite that will offer new moms a convenient, sanitary place to pump at work. Many workplaces lack a "mother's room" and moms resort to pumping in busy conference rooms, closets, or even bathroom stalls, causing frustration, stress and job disengagement.
I have a decade of experience in Sales and Sales/Marketing Consulting, specializing in sales strategy, insight creation, client management, and project management. I've worked with clients in every major industry and every major business function. I currently work in Sales Effectiveness for LinkedIn.
Finance, Engineering, Marketing.FinTech, Transportation, VR
09/10/2017 14:08:21rachelfischell@berkeley.eduRachel Fischellrachelfischell@berkeley.edu
Non-EECS grad student
Stanford has estimated that every minute spent in the operating room costs $15-20, NOT including the cost of staff. As some surgeries require long incisions that can take 40 minutes to two hours to suture up, I would like to build a device to cut down on the amount of time spent suturing in the operating room.
I have a background in clinical trial project management and medical device sales. I am familiar with the clinical environment, specifically the OR. I bring knowledge of a definitive clinical need, connections to surgeons who are interested and willing to work on this project, and knowledge of how to successfully market and sell a medical device.
I have a few engineers who are interested in working with me, but am always looking for other people who are passionate and have unique ideas to bring to the table. I am also looking for someone who is knowledgeable about creating a realistic business model and business plan, along with someone who has any experience working in MedTech IP, or has knowledge of reimbursement or regulatory processes.
Surgical innovations
A few potential teammates, including Orvil Collart, Ricardo Abad,
09/10/2017 15:36:52andyhe@berkeley.eduAndy Heandyhe@berkeley.edu student
Smart hardware product that leverages the power of deep learning techniques. Open to other good ideas too.
Principle GPU Designer in Nvidia, knowing the core hardware used for deep learning and VR inside out. EWMBA 2nd year now, focusing on entrepreneurship and product management.
Business Development, Product Management, Software/Data engineering on machine learning
Deep learning and VRNo
09/10/2017 17:06:47ann_snitko@berkeley.eduAnnann_snitko@berkeley.edu student
"All-in-one" self-service automative point for residential buildings, educational campuses, co-working spaces.
Product Development, Project Management, Startup M&A, MVP Product Launch
CTO with blockchain experience Blockchain, IoT
09/10/2017 21:04:06sidgupta@berkeley.eduSiddharth student
10+ Years in HW Engineering with experience in Consumer Electronics (touch screen controllers), Industrial Electronics (Communication modems) and System prototyping. Worked with multiple startups and established companies (Nvidia, Maxim Integrated, Apple).
Product Management, SW EngineeringAR/VR, IoT systems
Yes, Mayank K, Pradeep C and Nandita P
10/10/2017 13:48:33shannon_herline@berkeley.eduShannon student
A secure digital platform, backed by personalized machine learning, for patients with Lyme Disease to use to manage their health data, share data with their doctor and connect with their community. By combining self-reported symptoms and lifestyle data, with objective health data collected through wearable devices, we can identify and predict disease triggers.
Design thinking consultant helping uncover strategic growth opportunities at corporations and start-ups around the Bay Area. Previously, worked in Strategic Solutions & Recruiting at LinkedIn and spent five years as a management consultant at Accenture implementing large-scale system and people management solutions for organizations within the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industries.
Mobile/iOS Development Digital Health, Machine LearningUsman Raza
10/10/2017 16:34:40yifei.liu@berkeley.eduYifei Liuyifei.liu@berkeley.edu
Non-EECS grad student
I don't have any concrete idea yet.
I am a second year master student studying information systems at School of Information. I am a UX designer with 5 years' professional experience of visual design, international expertise in media campaigns and interactive storytelling, and front-end coding for prototyping. I've won several hackathons and design challenges and I can work under tight timelines and doing quick design iteration. I hope to bring design thinking process into the product design and development. My design portfolio is at:
engineering, marketing
VR/AR, gamification, voice recognition, mobile
11/10/2017 00:37:57yeyue_chen@berkeley.eduYeyue Chenyeyue_chen@berkeley.edu
Non-EECS grad student
My company, Quick Flash Technology, is developing manually controlled transition lenses to help frequent drivers and outdoor workers adjust shade of sunglasses to protect their eyes within 0.1second in any condition with e-tint technology.
I got my B.S Optical Engineering degree from University of Rochester. I started my own company in Rochester in 2015 and sold it after graduation. My new business idea of Quick Flash Technology won two business competitions. I have a team of 6 engineers working on this idea right now.
Integrated Circuit Design skills. Experience of designing microcontroller or solar cell battery. Experience of working in the eyeglasses field.
E-tint, Smart Wearable, VR/AR, Hardware
Xing Lin, Runqi Wang, Runlin Wang, Egan Felgus, Ruihan Guo
11/10/2017 10:10:30nelly_alandou@berkeley.eduNelly
Non-EECS grad student
My background includes Applied Mathematics, Aerospace and I am currently a graduate student in Transportation with an emphasis on Intelligent Transportation Systems
I am particularly interested in scalable analytics applied to traffic dynamics.
11/10/2017 13:30:09
Brett Austin CooperBrettAustinCooper@berkeley.edu student
A rugged, low cost, portable scanner, enabling digital asset creation in low/no connectivity environments. Specifically, I see a market for this in Sub Saharan Africa where I encountered a business environment plagued with a high amount of paper transactions (which lead to information loss and/or extremely slow decision making).
A blend of venture finance and startup operations and growth strategy. Over the past two years, I've worked with startups in East Africa in full time roles, consulting engagements, and teaching at a Pan-African accelerator program.
While I have an idea (which would need significant engineering talent), I am happy to join an existing team that needs business talent - specifically a team with an emerging market or social impact focus.
I am very interesting in FinTech, EdTech, AgTech, and novel consumer access models.
26/09/2017 12:23:36carla.colindres@berkeley.eduCarla Colindrescarla.colindres@berkeley.edu student1. Train AIs to perform simple tasks that can be hired online in contracted work platforms / 2. headset (earphones) that operates like Siri and google glass (search by voice + computer vision). Also open to joining other teamsMBA student with background in building large corporate projects from scratch, ex-startup founder, ex-telecom product manager (phones and other devises)AI, AR, Computer vision, hardware design, electric engineeringfintech, telecom spaceNo
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