UC Berkeley Storm Water Survey
Test your knowledge of campus creeks and water quality issues by completing this brief survey. Please share this survey widely with your friends, colleagues and students.

If you complete this survey by December 15, 2017, you will be eligible to win a limited-edition Creeks of UC Berkeley mug and prize package! Thanks.

1. What is storm water runoff?
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2. Storm water runoff from urban areas is the leading cause of water pollution in urban environments.
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3. Is it illegal to dump wastewater containing cleaning products, paint, or grease into the streets or storm drains?
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4. Which of the following are not allowed to flow to a UC Berkeley storm drain? (Select all that apply)
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5. Which of the following are major water quality issues for the San Francisco Bay Area? (Select all that apply)
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6. What should you do about a chemical or sewage spill that is flowing to a storm drain or in the creek? (Select all that apply)
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7. Storm water runoff from the UC Berkeley main campus drains to:
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8. Have you noticed the "Protect Strawberry Creek - Leave the Drain for the Rain" markers at storm drains around campus?
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9. How are you connected with UC Berkeley?
10. If you are staff, faculty or a contractor working on UC Berkeley property, have you been trained on storm water pollution prevention as part of your job?
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12. Would you like to receive occasional emails about volunteer events and education opportunities on the creek?
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