Request for Certificate of Completion
Depending on when you file, it may be several months before your degree is officially conferred and posted to your transcript. A Certificate of Completion is an official document we issue which provides evidence to a third party that you have completed your degree requirements prior to the degree being posted to your transcript. It is useful for jobs, post-docs, work visas, etc., who require proof of a degree.

Please note that we will not issue a Certificate of Completion after the degree has been posted to your record.
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Eligibility Verification
The following items are required to begin work on your Certificate.
I have filed my dissertation or thesis (or completed a Master's Capstone) AND it has already been reviewed and accepted by the Graduate Division *
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Getting The Certificate To You
Certificates of Completion generally require a week to process.
If you urgently need your certificate sooner, please provide your deadline. NOTE: During periods of high volume, we may not be able to accommodate your request.
Any other information or comments you might need us to know regarding the processing of your certificate
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