UC Berkeley Nuclear Engineering Prospective Student Visit Day
Please fill out this form to register for UC Berkeley Nuclear Engineering's Prospective Student Visit Day taking place March 5-7, 2016. If you have questions regarding the visit day or answers to this poll, please send an email to BOTH Sara Harmon (harmon@berkeley.edu) and Kirsten Wimple Hall (kirstenw@berkeley.edu)
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Will you be attending the visit March 5-7?
If you answered that you will not attend the visit day on March 5-7, why will you not be attending?
If you are unavailable March 5-7, and would be interested in visiting the department on a different date, please tell us when you will be available.
We encourage prospective students to attend the official visit day so that they can interact with their potential fellow students, meet faculty who may be unavailable other days, and participate in specially scheduled activities.
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Will you need overnight accommodations March 5,6,7?
If you plan to have a longer stay in the Bay Area, you will need to cover lodging expense for any additional days
For purposes of assigning roommates, what is your gender identity?
Please describe any special accommodations you may need for lodging (i.e. different dates of stay, traveling with spouse or accessible lodging)
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For purposes of selecting appropriate event venues, do you have any mobility issues or require accessibility accommodations?
Please let us know if you require wheel chair accessibility, if you are unable to climb a flight of stairs (our currently reserved reception location is only accessible via one flight of stairs) or any other accommodations you will need.
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Do you have any dietary restrictions or food/environmental allergies?
Please describe these, and include any preventative measures we need to take (i.e. a severe peanut allergy that cannot tolerate airborn peanut particles)
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With which faculty members would you like to have an individual meeting?
We will make every effort to arrange for meetings with the faculty members you select, but these meetings will be subject to availability.
If we organized a tour of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for the morning of Tuesday, March 8, would you like to participate?
If we organized a tour of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory/NIF for the afternoon of Tuesday, March, 8 would would like to participate?
Do you have any questions or comments?
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