Special Events Parking Arrangements Form
Application/Request Form for Special Event Parking Arrangements

Please Note: Parking for events is very limited during business hours (Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.). Please try to schedule your event during non-business hours. We may not be able to provide parking, depending on time of day and location. Consider public transportation or check our website for public parking options.

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Event Information
Please read and choose your desired option below:

No Permits needed - only post the spaces reserved. *

Purchase Pre-Paid Parking Permits (Reserved parking spaces & permits for each vehicle). *

Parking attendant needed to issue pre-paid parking permits to guests for reserved spaces. Required for reservations of 30 or more, optional for 20-29 **

Parking attendant needed to sell non-reserved permits for specified lot. (Please note that this option does not reserve any spaces.) Only valid at Clark Kerr Southwest Lot during business hours, and all other lots after hours and on weekends.**

*For Options 1 & 2, requests need to be submitted at least ONE week prior to your event.

**For Options 3 & 4, requests need to be submitted at least TWO weeks prior to your event.

How would you like parking arrangements handled? *
Name of the department/unit organizing the event *
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Affiliated with UC Berkeley? *
Is this a campus department sponsored event? Will the campus department be paying for the reservation?
Name of Event *
As you want it printed on the reserved signs and permits
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Event Location *
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Event Date(s) *
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Desired Starting & Ending Time of Parking Reservation *
How long would you like the parking spaces to be reserved for?
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Starting & Ending Time of Event *
What time does the actual event start & end?
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Attendant Starting & Ending Time - 3 hour minimum
*We recommend having an attendant stationed at least an hour prior to your event start time in case guests arrive early. The attendant does not need to stay for the duration of the event - their primary duty is to issue permits to guests as they enter the lot, answer questions, and redirect campus permit holders and general public guests elsewhere. An attendant is required for reservations of 30 or more, and optional for reservations of 20-29.
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Number of spaces *
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How do you want the permits printed? Overnight permits have an additional fee per night and only allow parking until 8:00AM the following morning - if the guest plans to stay past 8:00AM that morning, you will also need to request a day permit for the additional day. Single day versus multi-day permits will cost the same per space, per day - the only difference is that multi-day permits will be valid for the range of dates. Please select your choice below.

Single day permits (Each permit is only valid for one day. No overnight parking permitted.)

Multi-day permits (Example: if you are having an event that last 2 days, but not overnight, and want 10 permits total valid both days instead of 10 separate permits valid for each individual day)

Overnight permits (Valid until 8:00AM the following morning. Additional fees apply)

Not applicable - no permits necessary

How do you want permits printed? (see above) *
Desired Parking Area - During Business Hours *
Desired Parking Area - After Business Hours
After 5:30PM Mondays-Fridays, or anytime on Saturday or Sunday, all lots become available for reservations (subject to availability). Please enter your desired lot below.
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Additional Information
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Payment Information
Campus Department Recharge (Enter campus recharge number below)
*Required for affiliate rate
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Please call Special Events Office at 510-642-5401 to provide payment information.
Event Representative - Electronic Signature *
By signing, you agree to pay any applicable fees for the event (including, but not limited to: attendant charges, posting charges, permit charges, last minute revision and cancellation fees, etc.). You understand that any requests submitted less than the 1-2 week in advance deadline may not be accommodated. You are responsible for payment once you receive your official contract back from Parking & Transportation, and you authorize use of chartstring if your department is sponsoring the event. You are not permitted to charge additional fees for parking (such as administrative fees for making parking arrangements), nor are you allowed to sell parking permits/spaces for more than you are charged by Parking & Transportation - for example, if you are charged $10 for a permit by P&T, you are not allowed to resell the permit for more than $10 total to your event guests. Failure to comply may result in revocation of parking privileges.
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