Data Science Pedagogy: A Short Summer Workshop for Faculty (June 5-7, 2017) + Optional Curriculum Integration (June 8-9)
Learn pedagogical methods and technical tools that have been employed in a variety of courses across campus. This workshop will cover how students have been introduced to computational and statistical concepts in an integrated manner through hands-on analysis of real-world data.

The Data Science Education Program at UCB offers an interdisciplinary curriculum that provides a foundation for Berkeley undergraduates of all majors to engage capably and critically with data. The Foundations of Data Science course serves over 1,000 students per year and fulfills statistics requirements in 90% of the majors that have one.

This summer workshop is for instructors who are interested in adding data analysis to their courses, instructors who are considering converting current materials into formats students who have taken Data8 will be familiar with, and instructors who are curious about the initiative. The course is open to all faculty, lecturers, and postdocs. No statistical or computer programming background necessary.

You will be asked to complete activities (2-3 hours) on your own the week before as an introduction the tools. Technical support will be available in person for completing these activities.

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The week before the course, you will have some lab activities to work on to introduce the tools (Python & notebooks). We will provide tutors and office hours to help you complete these activities. Given your comfort level in completing online tutorials, how much do you expect to use these in-person resources?
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