Thriving in Science Peer Group Registration
Thriving in Science ( is a professional development program offered for the science and engineering communities at U.C. Berkeley. The goal of this program is to provide graduate students and postdoctoral researchers with the resources and support to make the most of their academic training.

A key component of the program is to build a community network for peer support groups. These groups meet 1-2 times a month for 1-1.5 hours, and provide students and postdocs with a confidential setting to discuss the challenges they are facing in their training and solicit the perspectives of peers from outside their day-to-day professional circles.

Data collected from participants in peer groups have shown that these groups can improve your motivation, personal wellness, and overall satisfaction with your training. These metrics have been shown to correlate with improvements in professional training and achievement of long-term career goals.

Please register for participating in the Thriving in Science peer support program by completing the form below.

NOTE: The vast majority of registrations are made early in the fall semester. You may register at any time, but please be aware that it may take longer to match you with a group during other times of the year.
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