2017-2018 CalBSU Board Voting Form
This form is for members of the Black Community at Cal to vote for the new BSU Board for the 2018-2019 academic year.

AJ Moultrie
Niyatt Mengis
E'Niyah Dazjah Wilson
Simone Dill
Crislin Christian
Abdullah Puckett
Ifechukwu Okeke
Shelby Mayes
Nailah A. Sewell
Taylor Swain

Here is a link to all the candidates' statements:
Chair/President/Executive Director
The Chair of the Black Student Union develops, maintains, and implements the mission and vision of the Black Student Union with strategy, intent, and clarity. The Chair directly manages and supports the External Vice President, Internal Vice President, and Finance Officer, while also providing general support for the entire board. The chair is responsible for the health, well-being, and development of the Black community on campus-politically, economically, socially, and academically. The chair is responsible for ensuring the organization gets things done.
Chair/President/Executive Director *
External Vice President
The External Vice President cultivates the external relationships, alliances, and perception of the Black Student Union. The EVP manages the BCP Director and ABC Rep/Membership Development Coordinator. The EVP is the keystone of political education on campus and informs the campus community of events directly impacting the Black community, on campus, nationally, and globally, in efforts to counteract complacency within the Black student community. The EVP must understand and assess the needs of Black students and address them through necessary and creative methods. The EVP develops the BSU’s political strategy in collaboration with the Political Director of ABC.
External Vice President *
Internal Vice President
The IVP assists the chair in the areas of staff development, visioning, strategic planning, troubleshooting, and developing effective organizational systems. In addition, the Internal Vice President initiates, maintains, and develops the Black Leadership Council, its function, its meetings, and the fulfillment of its purpose.The IVP assists the chair in developing board cohesion, culture, and comfortability. Lastly, the IVP manages the Retention Director, Secretary, Communications Director, and Leadership Development Director.
Internal Vice President *
Communications Director
The Communications Director oversees all external and internal communications including but not limited to news media, online visibility, social media presence, historical research and record keeping and publishing. The Communications Director is responsible for the development of BSU’s communications infrastructure and delivery. The Communications Director reports directly to the Black Student Union’s External Vice President and will receive additional support, oversight, and assistance from the the Afrikan Black Coalition’s Office of the Communications.
Communications Director *
Black Community Programs Director
The Black Community Programs Director organizes the delivery of needed resources and programs to the Afrikan/Black community beyond the academy. The BCP Director work with the BCP Director of the Afrikan Black Coalition to research, analyze, and implement solutions to the problems that the Black/Afrikan Community. The BCP Director works with the ABC Central Committee to develop college access programs, systems, and strategies that are effective. The BCP Director reports to the External Vice President and shall manage a staff of its own.
Black Community Programs Director *
Membership Development Coordinator
The Membership Development Coordinator is responsible for the recruitment, engagement, and development of the Black Student Union’s Membership. The Membership development coordinator organizes membership recruitment campaigns, records and analyzes membership engagement, and recommends adjustments to increase membership participation. In addition, the Membership Development Coordinator arranges for the BSU’s participation in the annual Afrikan Black Coalition Conference. The Membership Development Coordinator reports directly to the External Director and will receive additional guidance and support from the ABC Office of the Executive Director.
Membership Development Coordinator *
Leadership Development Director
The Leadership Development Director (LDD) shall work under the supervision of the Internal Vice President to train Black student leaders in our four primary areas of leadership training: grassroots organizing, professionalism and management, Black consciousness, and self-improvement.
Leadership Development Director *
Inclusion Director
The Inclusion Director shall work to ensure that the BSU is representative of the vast array of identities within the Black community at Cal.
 In addition all campaigns targeted by the Black Student Union shall use an intersectional lens, primarily held accountable by Inclusion Director.
Inclusion Director *
Is your Black beautiful? *
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