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Please request to host a table display using this form. If we have not contacted you within 48 hours of signing up, please feel free to email to confirm that we received your submission. Thank you for volunteering to host a table!
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Please list name or names of person to contact who will be hosting/creating the display table.
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If you would like us to connect you with someone else who is interested in working together for a particular country or region, please let us know and we can do that. By marking yes, you are giving us permission to share your email address with another Ben Rush parent.
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You are welcome to host a table display or just bring a food to share if you would prefer. If you'd like to bring a food item and not host a table, please indicate 0 tables in your answer. Each group may request up to 2 tables.
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Special Items Requested
If you will need access to a power outlet, or have any special accommodations to request, please let us know here. We will contact you to confirm that we can offer what you need.
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Volunteer Role
International Night is not possible without having a large number of committed volunteers. If you would like to volunteer to help out on one of the teams in addition to hosting a table, please indicate your preference below.
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Set Up Crew
Clean Up Crew
Assist in Performance Space (helping groups get to stage on time, etc.)
Assist in Display Tables Area (answer questions, guide display table set up)
I would be interested in a lead position. Please contact me.
Question for World Knowledge Passport Game
We will be creating a world knowledge game to encourage students to learn from the displays set up. If you can come up with question that could be answered from your display for the world knowledge game, please write it here( or email if you will have it ready later).
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Anything else we should know?
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