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Working with Moodle: Teacher

Welcome to Moodle! This guide will provide a reference for you as you work in Moodle.

Please familiarize yourself with the Moodle Policy, and this document before you work on your course.

You can click a link to navigate to the topic you are interested in.

Note: Session Timeout

Moodle is set to automatically log a user out after two hours of no activity. All unsaved edits will be lost. Please make sure to keep this in mind as you customize your course and grade student materials.

Getting Started | Managing Participants | Building the Course | Assessment

Plugins & Features | Backup/Restore | Other Resources

Getting Started

Managing Participants

Building the Course

Activities are items that may be graded in Moodle, resources are items that students read, view or listen to.


Helpful Plugins and Features

Backup and Restore

Other Moodle Resources

Questions or problems? Please contact IT Support at or 608-363-2067 for assistance.

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