Culinary Arts Program Survey
In an effort to assess the potential need for a culinary arts program in Northeast Tennessee, Northeast State Community College would like your feedback.

The College is asking community members in the food service industry to voluntarily participate in a survey. This survey asks questions about how a culinary arts program might help with educating and training a skilled workforce.

This is a great opportunity to gather helpful information from the community and assist the College with planning and marketing efforts. Thank you in advance for your participation.

Please note that your responses will remain anonymous.
1. Which of the following food industries do you represent?
2. How many people does your organization employ?
3. What percentage of your employees are full-time (40+ hours per week)?
4. Does your organization offer hands on Culinary Arts training?
5. Are you aware of Culinary Arts program(s) currently offering formal training in Northeast Tennessee?
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