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Belcarra supports an environment for testing USB Networking protocols. This is where you can download files for the Overo kits.

Belcarra’s Overo USB TestDrive Environment is a Linux test system  based on the Gumstix Overo board. The TestDrive system can be used to test and evaluate various USB Networking protocols and implementations:


Download type


kernel+rootfs Combo Pack

A kit to create all 3 partitions of an Overo SD test environment. Supplemented by updates (see below). The rootfs contains all test tools needed on the Overo side.


A kernel and/or modules update to a test drive kit kit, to be applied on top of an earlier base kit

Windows test kit

Kit containing Cygwin scripts and other tools for Windows side of testing




Release Notes

October 27, 2011

Test drive kernel + rootfs combo pack

MD5 Checksum d6af5ab5f41c6b325c7128751d63aeb4

Many tools added to load the std (gadget) and btc (Belcarra) Network protocols implementations for any VID/PID combination and a fixed IP address or IP address determined by DHCP.

May 11, 2011

Test drive kernel+rootfs combo pack

Minor configuration changes to improve performance.Fixed module dependencies.

MD5 checksum: 8c62ea11400dc4a1cd90ca2bac3bab6a

March 31, 2011

Test drive kernel + rootfs combo pack

Updated to make DHCP work better.

MD5 checksum: 02cdc7528a429036fcfe727607d5e3d9

March 31, 2011


A collection of test files from 1K to 256MB for testing both network and mass storage functions

March 30, 2011

Test drive kernel + rootfs-combo pack  

Revised with new test files in the Apache document root.

March 28, 2011


Belcarra programs and scripts collected  into /usr/local/bin

MD5 checksum: eb1794839d446ca118c78fc463c88e6d

March 17, 2011

Overo ROOTFS Package

First release

MD5 checksum: 08adaf154911d183f72c602b22a2d854


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