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Hey! I’m Hans – I work with Bee the Swarm.

I don't know how many of you have heard of us at this point, but we make video games and then donate our revenue (currently 100%, but likely going to be 50/50 to stay alive and continue developing games) to charities and other good causes. At Bee the Swarm we believe in a future where users can literally pick up their phone and change the world. To help us achieve this vision, we have been busy developing our Bee The Swarm social network. We’ve been reaching out to Extra Life members primarily because we believe that they truly understand how combining fun and games with charity can change lives (but we are open to working with you/your organization as well if you let us know!) We have already supported a number of charities, including Extra Life teams, and our hope is that when our social network launches it can be a way for any participant to raise an extra $50-$100 per funding goal, all from the ease of their phone! We would love to share more about what we have been working on, but more importantly, learn more about your community, getting your feedback on how we can help you reach new members and achieve your fundraising goals. I have set up a few basic questions to help us learn about you, but would also love to talk with you in person. Feel free to contact me directly at: or simply leave your email and I will get back to you! Thank you in advance for the few minutes of your time!


Have you heard of Bee The Swarm?
If 'yes', how did you hear about us?
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What gaming charity are you a part of?
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What types of games do you enjoy playing (genres)?
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Which gaming platforms do you use most often? (i.e. PC, consoles, phone apps, Steam, etc.)
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Can you list 1 or 2 of your favorite games for each platform that you use somewhat regularly?
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How do you reach out to potential donors to support your funding goals? Who do you reach out to?
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What would incentivize you to actively use Bee The Swarm as a fundraising platform? (i.e. online achievement badges, T-shirts, "Level-up" ability in future BTS games, leader boards, etc.)
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Are you interested in testing our social network beta? If so, which phone operating system(s) do you use?
Are you interested in sparing 20 minutes of your time to talk with us about your gaming for charity experiences (or to learn more about what we do)?
Please leave email if interested in beta or phone chat:
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Our Vision at Bee The Swarm - Thanks for your support!
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