Sundance Elementary PBiS School Climate Parent Survey
1. What gender is your student(s) who attend this school?
2. What grade is your student(s) in who attend this school?
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3. Students generally feel safe at this school.
4. The school staff has done a good job of making the school a safe place for students to be.
5. It is easy for students to make friends at this school.
6. Students treat each other respectfully
7. Students treat staff members with respect.
8. Staff members are friendly and helpful to students
9. Staff members are caring and supportive to students.
10. Staff members treat students fairly.
11. Staff members treat the students respectfully.
12. Staff members encourage the students to do their best.
13. Staff members let students know when they do things right.
14. If students have a problem they can't solve on their own, they know they can go to a teacher, or principal for help.
15. Students are taught the rules and expectations for behavior.
17. Parents/families are informed about the rules and expectations for student behavior.
18. Parents/families who visit the school are welcomed, treated with respect, and encouraged to come back.
19. Student cliques ( i.e., students excluding other students) are a problem on campus.
20. Students threatening or bullying other students (in person or on the internet) is problem on campus.
21. Students physically hurting (e.g., hitting, pushing, grabbing, kicking) other students is a problem on campus.
22. What ethnicity best describes you?
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